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The lockdown has changed the way we entertain, especially with maintaining social distancing norms - heading out to watch a movie or a play or even go to an entertainment zone has become a huge no for us. One thing that has upped since, is consuming properties on OTT platforms. When the trailer of the ZEE5Club original series Bebaakee aired first, it seemed evident that it is a story of friendship, love, hate, revenge and much more between the lead characters Sufiyaan, Imtiaz and Kainaat. But as the series progressed I soon realised that it isn’t the run of the mill story that Indian audiences are accustomed to, but an extremely gripping emotional rollercoaster ride. 

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The three minute trailer of Bebaakee shows how the lead couple’s paths cross time and again leading to immense friction and eventually love. However a twist in the tale is seen with the entry of the second lead, that tests not only the love between the couple but also friendship.  

As soon as the series launched on Zee5, I binge watched it straightaway. I have loads of reasons why this should make it to your watchlist, however here are the three most important ones, no spoilers here… 

The Plot
Bebaakee is a story based on friendship between two high powered-super wealthy individuals who become business partners, and join forces as a family unit. Their sons grow up to take the business mantle forward, but the journey is derailed by the entry of a young middle-class girl with professional aspirations and unshakable grit. Soon the friction gives way to love, followed by misunderstandings and hate that asks for revenge. As the story unfolds over the 10 episodes (backlink to , audiences will be overwhelmed with the twists in the narrative keeping them glued to the series. 

The Performances
Bebaakee stands tall on the shoulders of Kushal Tandon who plays the male lead Sufiyaan Abdullah, a successful yet brooding young entrepreneur. In every scene he makes the audience feel the emotion he is going through, making the viewer part of the plot. When he says, “Deep down, you just love me’, gives me goosebumps. The debutant Shivjyoti Rajput as Kainaat Sahni is effortlessly convincing in her role as a girl who knows her mind and follows her heart. All the supporting cast including the second lead Karan Jotwani as Imtiaz Alqaazi have done an amazing job. The performances make for some excellent scenes and the show a delight to watch.

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The Direction
Babaakee has been directed by Muzammil Desai, who has an enviable portfolio of work behind him, including some of the longest running shows on Indian television. With his experience he brings in some spectacular visuals, amazing background score and of course the ability to extract amazing performances. Being a pro at family dramas, Muzammil Desai has infused the series with the panache of the elite while keeping it fresh with young love, jealousy and revenge. With an IMDb rating of 9.3, this series is unmissable. 

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