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The world of personal care products can be extremely confusing, especially if you are looking for organic and natural products that promise clean beauty. With the Indian Cosmetic Regulation's ever changing guidelines and non-beauty stringent mandates, labels like ’non-toxic’, ‘green’ etc mean nothing as tons of brands just use these titles for more eyeballs and sales. And thus comes my constant search for organic and natural skincare, that ensure everything from the ingredients to the packaging; is safe not only for my skin but also for the planet, has brought me to Deyga. 

Deyga is a fusion of nature and goodness, handcrafted with traditional recipes to bring 100% pure, cruelty free and sustainable products to customers. The brand offers a humungous range of products including skin and hair care, bath and body, oral and wellness products and above all baby care products; all gentle, natural and ethical. I’ve been using a host of products from the brand and here absolutely have a list of my most favourites that I’m sharing here.

Aloe Vera Gel
The multipurpose Aloe Vera gel accentuates skin and hair health. Massage the gel onto clean and pat dry skin or hair to replenish its natural moisture, making  it soft and supply with a natural glow. Aloe’s natural healing and softening properties make it an invincible product. The gel is cold pressed with no additional ingredients ensuring it retains all its nutrients.

Hair Serum
A liquid gold serum for hair that acts like a protective layer for the hair shaft. The hair serum is a blend of 100% organic oils including argan and carrot seed that helps promote new and healthy hair growth. The hair serum is especially beneficial for dry and damaged hair, excessively treated hair to stimulate growth, relive dryness and irritation and promote healthy scalp.

Rose Scrub
A body scrub made of skin cleansing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, rice flour, semolina and infused with skin rejuvenating ingredients like rose and lotus petals the rose scrub melts into the skin, refining the pores while exfoliating dead cells and skin. Regular use of the scrub ensures softening of the skin while providing healthy and gorgeous glow.

Mint Lip Scrub
A sweet and tangy combination of mint and sugar in the scrub helps to reverse pigmentation and prevents any damage to the lip cell membrane. The scrub is also include with shea butter and essential oils for moisturisation and beeswax to restore chapped lips. Regular use helps exfoliate dead cells away to nourish smoother and fuller lips with constant hydration.

Beetroot Lip Balm
A lip balm is infused with beeswax, beetroot extract, shea butter, and essential oils, enabling lip healing. Regular use helps nourish the lip skin and keeps it balanced and supple, while giving it a beautiful natural shine.  

So all in all, products from Deyga are my new favourites and if you want to try them too, check out their website at www.deyga.in to know about the entire product portfolio of handcrafted pure organic skin and hair care products. 

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~ Heena

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