5 Home Decor Edits That Make A Huge Impact

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It is indeed difficult to have a full home makeover time and again…. new paint, new furniture, new wallpaper, new lighting, are all out of the question. But little decor changes are a great way to upgrade the look of any space without needing a lot of time, money and effort. I’ve tried a few things at home and here is a list of five quick and inexpensive changes that worked splendidly for me to make a big impact without blowing up my bank account.

Redesign Floor
The quickest way to refresh the look of your space is to rearrange the furniture and create a new floor layout, while making optimum use of open spaces. The hack here is to make the home look more spacious while adding additional pieces that instantly change the decor dynamics by picking some neat pieces of home decor online

Swapping Accents 
Swap out light fittings such as an overhead chandelier or a table lamp, or changing a lamp shade, or hanging a large painting can make a huge change in the look of the living space. However, my favourite is a large plant hanger within the living space to bring the nature inside the home and make it more green. 

Create Display
Make use of the passageway or corridor to create a display of your collection of books, memorabilia, vintage pieces or even decorative plates. Mix it up, don’t just stick to a gallery wall full of picture frames or travel magnets. I’ve added a gorgeous set of electric talking parrots over a table for some quirk and play from the best pet supply store.

Adding Lights 
Lighting changes make a big difference in the look of a home. Apart from allowing natural light to come in throughout the day, add some soft lighting to create a cozy environment for the evenings. I love adding little lamps, fairy and string lights, or candles not only in the living space but also the bedroom. 

Mirror It
The simplest home decor idea to double any space is to add huge wall mirrors. Mirrors not only brighten up the home but also add elegance especially if you find big mirrors with unique frame structure and colour. I love mirrors as it gives an illusion of a bigger space while adding to my love for vintage aesthetics.

There are numerous other ideas like adding metallic detailing to add shimmer, adding a gorgeous throw to make the look softer, highlighting a wall with wallpaper, creating a display and much more. Nothing beats revisit your space on a blank flatly and play house by picking knick knacks from my most trusted website Aoin.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips.


  2. Thanks for sharing these tips.


  3. All of those pieces add so much character to the space.