Monday, January 13, 2014

Posted On January 13, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

Everyone lives in two worlds.... outside the door and inside the door.

Having lived in a rented apartment for the last 6 years post our wedding and touring the world for work assignments we finally decided to move back home - Bombay. The settling down phase to owning our very first home has been an incredible journey, one that we shall cherish for a lifetime. Acquiring a home has been the easy part for decorating it has been a bit difficult. With our individualistic ideas, our preferred specifics and above all a little princess to consider we had to ensure to inculcate all of these elements into the designing our home.

Working tirelessly with an architect we set out to remodel our home to give us all that we wished for.. a reflection of ourselves....cosy couple's corner, a booklover's paradise, a children's room, a puja place and a great area to entertain. Though extremely vocal in our different choices we were able to bring in consensus on many tiny things after loads of discussions. All this to make our home more comfortable, convenient yet maintain a classy and stylish look which felt like 'u's and not some printed brochure.

As we worked with the architect, we invited the Asian Paints Home Solutions team BEYOND THE DOOR to bring in their expertise to give us a sneak peak of our dream home in color. With practically no to little knowledge of what to expect when we called them we were pleasantly surprised to receive a multi-faceted color approach. A quick chat revolved around our likes and dislikes about color schemes, clearing our doubts about combinations and expert advice on painting techniques and services offered. And then armed with shortlisted colors we were taken through our sampler set with a simple foresite and consultancy services.

So realistically our checklist is achieving small wonders to create a beautiful home. The litmus test has been to find a option that reflects both of us, without clashing the individualities. Whether highlighting a piece of furniture, or adding burst of color or a collage of wonderful gorgeous memories we were assisted in how to adorn the walls around it. 

We have opted for Neutral Elements, ditching the extremes thereby striking a balance between masculine and feminine elements. We've kept the leather accessories and sports memorabilia out as well as the pinks and soft toys, except for princess's room. However we have given each other that one item to include it in a way that it doesn't define the room. So in comes his cricket club trophy near the study table and my beloved baby teddy on my side of the bed. 

I love light Sleek Furniture as opposed to heavy duty huge and to a certain extent antique furniture. We are to furnish with light colored furniture in darker rooms and vice versa to keep the room airy and spacious. A standout piece in each room will not only add great visual appeal but also great utility. A sette in the guest bedroom, a contemporary dressing table in our bedroom, a Mickey Mouse cabinet in Princess's room and a beautiful circular floral designed bookcase in the living room highlights each of the rooms.

Lights define both the ambiance and the mood. We've included multiple options to create Mood Lighting including soft string lights for a calm and serene atmosphere, artistic lamps and night stands for mystic  and candles for a soothing romantic aura. Footlights with sensors are used throughout the house for convenience. A rectangle chandelier will sit pretty over the dining table in the kitchen and a ceiling drop light in the corner of the living room are some of the lights we want to bring in. 

We have commissioned an artist to create a 3D Wall Sculpture. Adding a Breathtaking Artwork piece that both of us love and holds a special place in our heart as a beautiful memory has been a huge decision. The cost is exorbitant but worth every penny as we are sure it will simply take our breath away. We are so looking forward to this.

Since we are playing with three major shades in our home (namely ivory brown and black) the burst of colors shall come from all the Furnishings and Accessories. Starting with the curtains, bed linen, wall accessories, wall clocks, throw pillows, etc we plan to add loads of colors and shapes to brighten the rooms.

And finally Wall Paint and Wallpaper to accentuate the look. We have planned to use basic colors to make the space more brighter and larger.  Going with colors of the same family in varied tones we are letting the colors speak for themselves. A mix of interior paints, metal finishes and wood finishes is what will stand out in our home.

I invite you BEYOND THE DOOR to catch a glimpse of our home to be ...

Having said all of the above the things what truly make a home beautiful are Love, Togetherness, Respect and above all Understanding. Blessed with a awesome hubby, pretty princess and a fantastic family no matter where we are, what we do or where we live, our HOME will always be BEAUTIFUL. 

Which room 3D Design do you like the best? 


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