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C's rule the Indian household. ... be it Cricket, Cinema or Chocolate and not necessarily in that order. I'm guilty of these indulgences as well from time to time.

Born to parents of one who is a teacher we were never exposed to mainstream masala films with typical naach-gaana and over the top pretend dramas. Right since a very young age I was always 'allowed to watch a film' on certain terms and conditions, mainly one that does have some kind of learning at the end. That really spelt very few movies to watch, however, that never restricted from exploring.

My parents are the seed to the growth of my love for the cinema which primarily has a different approach to storytelling, bound by a simple yet tight script and backed by great performances. I vividly remember watching Haathi Mere Saathi, Chhota Chetan and the likes numerous times with samosas and a bottle of gold spot. The first mainstream movie that I watched was Hum Aapke Hain Kaun in 1994 on August 20th, my birthday.

Since then my love for cinema has swung between the movies and theatre for want of performance oriented, unique scripts. Since the last decade or so the gap between mainstream and offbeat cinema has been bridged with experimental storytelling. For me, a movie that takes me into a different world and makes me feel for the characters is my type of movie. Now, that's a beauty I'd say. Keeping that thought in mind here are the few movies that left me wanting for more:

5 Must Watch Offbeat Hindi Movies

A movie that inspires through the story of a cricket-obsessed boy as he overcomes his limitation to become a cricketer and fulfil his dream of playing for the Indian National Cricket team. The simple story pulls in audiences through the outstanding performances by both Shreyas Talpade who plays the deaf and mute Iqbal and Naseeruddin Shah who plays the coach. I love the way young Shreyas hold the audience's attention in the same frame as the stalwart Naseeruddin. What draws me to the movie apart from cricket is the honest and sincere portrayal of the politics of the cricket system. It is a simple movie that encourages you to believe that no dream is bigger than the eye that sees it.

5 Must Watch Offbeat Hindi Movies

A movie based on a book by one of my favourite writers Ruskin Bond about a little girl who acquires a beautiful Blue umbrella and then becomes the envy of a wealthy shopkeeper who wants to steal it is my all time favourite movie. Simple, unassuming yet a heartwarming story that takes me back to my childhood reminding about that one possession I would do anything for while keeping me in adulthood mirroring what wanting something can make me into. The little girl played by Shriya Saran is convincing however, it is an out and out Pankaj Kapoor movie. Oh, the man brings out the emotions in the audience ...pity, hatred, anger and outrage - just goes to show his craftsmanship. A Must Watch for Everyone.

5 Must Watch Offbeat Hindi Movies

A movie based on the trials of the Indian middle class trying their best to make ends meet. The dreams of the family to buy a car and the tough situations they face on a day to day basis makes this film a really fun flick. Crazy, funny yet with loads of teachings the movie is a splendid display of art by all the characters. The bringing together of the power couple Rishi and Neetu Kapoor makes this film more realistic. I love the way Neetu Kapoor essayed the role of a retired librarian cum housewife struggling to keep all the members of the family bound together. The best sequence in the film is the family looking for gift coupons in the washing powder packets.

5 Must Watch Offbeat Hindi Movies

A film based on a series of unruly events in the college life of a law student from ragging to politics, deception, crime and homicide. The film speaks volumes about a brutal political scenario and cannot be expressed in words but can only be experienced. The only drawback of the film is the portrayal of the ladies whose characters are shaped enough and have very little to do. After watching the movie I fell in love with Abhimanyu Singh's roguish intensity and Mahi Gill's beauty. The screenplay, the dialogues and the lyrics demand that the movie be watched.

5 Must Watch Offbeat Hindi Movies

A Movie that portrays the race that parents push their children into to get the highest marks, be the best in every sense.  The movie is all about Ishaan Awasti played by Darsheel Safary a happy-go-lucky boy who is a misfit and does badly in school. When nothing seems to be working for the father pack Ishaan to a boarding school where his teacher Ram Shankar Nikumbh build a rapport with him. The way the boy flourish under the teacher's wing is shot beautifully over the second half of the movie. The movie is beautifully woven to appeal to practically everybody tugging at the heartstrings. The beauty lies in a delicate subject handled with great simplicity and sensitivity, that whoever you are it leaves you amazed with its impact. The highlight of the movie is the song 'Maa', brings me to tears whenever I hear it.

Movies that didn't make the list but are the ones I really enjoy watching from time-to-time are:
Arth - A Wednesday - My Brother Nikhil - Stanley Ka Dabba - The Lunchbox - Udaan

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