Hair Tales, The Rapunzel In Me

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Hair Tales, A Poem About My Hair

There was a little girl in tinsel town,
Who was looked down upon with a frown.
She was smart, cute and so very witty,
But shooed away as if she wasn't pretty.

She cried and cried a lot in vain,
trying to tame her unruly long mane.
She tried using products this and that,
but her hair always lay lifeless and flat.

That day she saw the handsome Prince,
closing her eyes she vowed to be truly his.
Gathering courage she went to the wicked witch,
who promised her a magical beautiful switch.

Oh, how the witch turned out to be such a bitch,
she cursed and pushed the girl into the ditch.
Unconscious and motionless in the hole she lay, 
praying she didn't foolishly have to dearly pay.

Hurt and scared she sat in the darkness, 
as she waited patiently for the brightness.
She thought and laughed at the witch's bilk,
as her hand moved and touched a bottle of silk.

As the day dawned and the skies grew lighter, 
she started her steady climb up, yes the little fighter. 
Then just as suddenly it started to thunder and rain,
and from her hand slipped the bottle's clutched rein.

The milken lotion fell steadfast on her head,
she tried to rub it off wishing she were dead. 
The pouring rainwater added to her misery,
and holding on was becoming a bit fishery.

Finally, out she came and rinsed her hair,
when in front of her she saw a bear.
In all the rain she felt her warm tear,
when the handsome Prince pulled her near.

In his arms, she felt small and waif, 
As he whispered that she was safe. 
In his eyes, she saw a sparkling shine,
As he whispered 'Oh gorgeous, you're mine'.

Shyly she clasped on to his hand, 
Walking across a dangerous forest bend. 
Reaching the magnificent palace gates she saw,
Her beautiful gorgeous hair, oh she was in awe.

She was excited as she remembered something,
and ran, leaving her Prince with a ring. 
At the ditch, she bent to pick with caution,
the little bottle with the magic potion. 

She sat in the decorated palace room,
waiting patiently for her beloved groom.
She smiled and hugged the silken little bottle,
That helped her win the most important battle.

As the Prince came slowly into the room,
she felt all the flowers in the world bloom.
He touched her golden strands with his fingers,
and let them for a while stay there and linger.

'How, my dear you manage to maintain your tresses?,
so golden, so gorgeous well kept that never messes.
She smiled pointing to where the bottle stood,
the sun combined with silk makes it so good.

She quickly summoned the palace minister,
asked them to make many portions to administer.
She wanted the portions to be distributed at large,
so that every girl conquers the world after a recharge.

She thought, "After a recharge, I've become a wife,
each and every girl should have that chance in life."
She held the bottle as she sang Sun plus Silk, Sun plus Silk,
nothing else but let's just call this magic portion SUNSILK.

~ Heena Shah-Dhedhi

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