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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Posted On January 02, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

New Year is new beginnings, new opportunities and new projects. After receiving innumerable requests from some lovely followers and some cool brands for outfit posts, I'm doing my first one today.

We headed to our Row House in Khanvel to bring in the New Year. After a completely crazy night, a late morning we headed back to Mumbai in the afternoon. But before we left we did some clicking around. Hubby did a fantastic job with the camera and so here is the first outfit post of what I wore on the first day of the year. Maybe you'd like to see a series or more outfit posts??? DOLLED UP!

What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore in Khanvel
What I Wore
Dress: Presha, Sunglasses: Tommy Hilfiger, Bracelet: Thrifted, Footwear: Catwalk

And for everyone who is wondering where was princess. She was celebrating with her grandparents, giving us the much-needed couple time. But I so wanted to be with her and thus we returned as soon as we could. Motherhood spoils us of everything else, doesn't it?

What do you think about my first outfit post? Would you like to see more of me?

Leave me your comments.
~ Heena


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