Saturday, July 16, 2016

Posted On July 16, 2016 by Team iCynosure.

Since the smart phone revolution, people have sought one after another feature in their handheld devices. However with the emergence of new brands and new technologies spending big bucks for a high-end smartphone is the situation if the past. Now a days high-performing mid-range flagship devices are generating immense interest in the Indian market; while giving the big boys a run for their money. 
One of the newly launched Le Eco pieces; the Le Max2 is a no-nonsense handset that can easily handle hi-definition multimedia content streaming, games and works a camera. The rear camera captures the frames beautifully in lightning speed allowing for print-quality images. The front camera is perfect for selfies especially if one uses the fingerprint sensor.
The Video-on-Demand services like Levidi and Le Live is perfect for watching movies and videos on the go. These services are free for the first year and then can be signed up for an annual subscription plan. Another win for the smartphone is the CDLA that is the first for any mobile brand. The Continual Digital Lossless Audio technology that is trigged by the replacement of the 3.5mm audio jack with the USB Type-C interface does wonders for the audio output. 

All in all the Le Max is a phone to recon with, a phone for keeps. 
- Heena


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