Working Women, the Trendsetters change the Fashion Guru's Appetite

on July 15, 2016 / by

Lights, action, walk the success! Every girl is a diva, believe it or not. She dresses in a jumpsuit modestly and people silently look in awe at her confident stride. She dresses for a gathering in a dress, lets her hair loose and becomes responsible for the heat in the air. She adorns the diamonds and chooses the designer dress, men take immense strength to resist whistles, instead appreciate in modesty. Diva, she is. And she is the completeness. Jumpsuits online are the quick pickers these days. Women crave for it, men wait to see their girls in it. Women dresses, the evening coolers elevate her and comfort her in much elegance.  Every girl awaits to take that last dress in her wardrobe, the one she wore many months ago and she waits for the right occasion to wear it again. That, my friends, is one of her obsessively bought latest designer dresses online. With so much to do for her personal routine each day, where does she fit the time to go shopping? She rather sits at home, wears her mask, eats her carrots and order her online shopping from across the equator all in vibrant colours along with sparkling accessories and tailored in such precision that comfort is mediocre.

Sarayu, the diva rushes home to work on her article to be published in two days. She boils water for her green tea, freshens up and waits by the window for the tea to brew. She picks her laptop and starts to make tags for her article and works for ninety minutes straight until she gets a call from Nayani to meet her urgently at the Cafe in twenty minutes. The loving Sarayu she is, pauses writing, sips her tea, wears the embroidered jumpsuit she bought online and admires herself at how pretty the Jumpsuit online is! She clicks a selfie and texts her mother, another attempt to convince her mother a jumpsuit. Two hours later, she returns home elated, fixes her dinner and completes her article. Do you want to know what she is doing now? Ask yourself, what women do when they are happy? They do online shopping ;)

She dreams of her success and orders another jumpsuit online. She rethinks and agrees that she needs one or two women dresses to present her article to her boss. Wait a minute, what about the success party! Ah, another opportunity to buy latest designer dresses online. What a good life it is, she remarks! Thankfully, she will have many other occasions to wear them. She smiles and opens her Online Shopping portals.

An hour passes and Sarayu already had four cups of tea and still unable to decide between the four latest designer dresses online. She gets her popcorn and a bar of chocolate to her table.  She really loves the floral women dresses online and agrees that a white floral would work best for her presentation day.  She also adds to her cart, three jumpsuits, two women dresses, four designer dresses and a minimalist gold necklace to go, with her casual dresses.  The time is 23:00, she pays for her items and hits the bed. Sarayu thinks of an era when shopping meant relentless travelling in the city, the crowds and the bargaining which can all be done without hassle through online shopping these days. 

Just a few clicks and the women of today are all set for their parties, board meetings, and casual day outs. Fun and Relaxation, all at the same time!!!

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