Weaving Stories With The Magical Sea World

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Stories date back in time, much before the written word was documented storytelling through memory was the way of life. Storytelling has shaped generations and was considered one of the most creative forms of expressions. However, since the last few decades, storytelling is lost to the world and has been replaced by television and the online media channels exploring digital creativity. The timeless tradition is slowing gaining ground once again with the persistent efforts of children centric brands that look to help parents create curiosity in children. 

Colgate, India's favourite toothpaste brand has brought back to the fore a fun way of storytelling that needs no elders but just little children. The innovative packaging hides a treasure within that intimates children to unlock their imagination. Hidden in the Colgate product packaging is the Magical Sea World perfect to ignite the story-telling in the kids. Available in 4 unique sets; namely Pirate Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Pirate Ship and Coral Reef, all that is needed to be done is cut-out the characters, image the fascinating life of creatures that live under the sea while crafting the life of an exotic mermaid or the sea pirate. Weave stories around the characters like the cute Pirate, cuddly Shark, killer Whale, stingy Ray, adorable Dolphins and others.

I sat down with #PrincessHeer and she surprised me with her amazing story-telling skills that ran wild with imagination...With the characters spread across on the dining table, my little one began her exploration of Magical Sea World with her #ColgateMagicalStories.

Long long ago, deep into the sea lived a sea king with his pretty little princess just like me. She was a gorgeous little girl who treated everyone with a lot of love and affection. She grew up with the creatures of the sea and she explored the sea with all her friends. One day the dolphin, the whale, the octopus and the sea-horse came to her and told her about a shipwreck on the other side of her palace. 

All of the friends went to explore the shipwreck, however as soon as they entered the area some of the creatures got caught in the net speed across and were trapped. They started panicking and moved around in quick succession in order to free themselves from the unexpected captivity. Just as they tried harder they felt a tug and realised that the net was being lifted by a force from above. Th mermaid quickly swam atop to see that pirates were pulling the net onto their ship. Terrified she swam back to her friends to tell them what was happening. 

She asked them to be calm and went to find their friend the shark to come help them. As soon as the shark came, she pulled hard at the net and it torn off, releasing all their friends. However as they were about towhead back home, they saw a private dive into the sea and swim after their precious little fired the sea-horse. The tiny little creature was really scared and swam towards his friends shouting out for help. Thats when the little starfish came to their rescue, the little one extended one of her arms and whacked and smacked the pirate away. 

After the chaos, the friends hugged each other and promised to be by each other's sides for ever.

Interesting isn't it,
- Heena

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