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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Posted On February 06, 2014 by Team iCynosure.

Pretty Secrets Website Review

Every time I walk into a lingerie store, I kind of feel lost and tongue-tied at the same time. Even though I experience a bit of discomfort initially, in less than half an hour I am all strolling around asking questions, looking for options and carrying a few pieces to the trial room. This is mainly for the sole reason that brands offer quality assurance along with an opportunity to try the product prior to my purchases.

Though I love online shopping, I've kept the lingerie shopping real and not ventured into the online world for my super secret pretty hauls as I end up buying pretty expensive products with whom I share the closest and most intimate relationship. I've been following this routine forever until I chanced upon PrettySecrets, or more like when the site drew me in. 

What is PrettySecrets.com all about? 
PrettySecrets.com is India's premium online lingerie store that offers a great shopping experience through an exhaustive collection of high-quality lingerie from the comfort of your own home. The site aims to provide a plethora of styles and sizes catering to every woman's needs and wants. 

What does the brand list look like? 

Apart from the home brand PrettySecrets, other brands available on the site are Maya, Enamor, B'Witch, Amante, Lovable, Triumph, Undercover, PeriPeri, SweetDreams, FSY,Slumber Hill and Marie Meili.

product categories are available on the site?
An ever so exhaustive category of products including lingerie (underwear, bra, lingerie sets and accessories), nightwear, swimwear, shapewear, workout clothing and dresses are available on the site. 

My experience and opinion about PrettySecrets.com
I usually stay away from online shopping for lingerie, however, was keen on experimenting with PrettySecrets.com. With numerous well-known brands, universal size charts, in-depth product information and easiest navigation; shopping via the site felt extremely easy and I felt confident while ordering. After adding a gazillion products to the cart, I had a tough time finalising what to order and picking a cute lingerie set and a wash bag after much thought for my first trial. The order reached me within 48 hours in the most discreet and the cutest packaging. Surprising the pricing was fantastic, I bought the products at almost 70% the cost without any compromise on quality and style. All in all the products arrived perfectly as expected without anyone knowing what arrived.

Website Strengths: 
§ Exhaustive Brand and Product categories and options
§ Discreet Packaging and Timely Delivery
§ Multiple Payment Options and Simple Returns/Refund Policy
§ Great Pricing, Offers and Discounts

Website Weaknesses:
§ None that I can think of at the moment

Will I shop via the site again for my personal use?           Definitely
Do I recommend the website to friends and family?         Sure, Yes!

Where do you shop your lingerie from? Have you shopped from PrettySecrets.com?

Share your lingerie shopping experiences, weird/funny/crazy with me.
~ Heena


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