Riveting Looks For Valentine's Day By Aakriti Kochar

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Make Up Look For Valentine's Day

As the season of love arrives, we all spend a lot of time choosing the right clothes and accessories for the day dedicated to love. Whether spending a day with the one you love or hanging out with your favourite gang of girls, you need to choose the look wisely to look and feel the best on Valentine's. Take this day as the best day to experiment with your look and shine like a star!

So here are a few tips by renowned Beauty and Makeup Expert Ms. Aakriti Kochar to help you unravel your inner beauty…

Eyes to Lure Him  
For the evening, go with smokey eyes, chiselled cheeks and nude lips, and add a dash of gloss to complete this glamorous look. Depending on your outfit, use either dark chocolate brown or charcoal grey to highlight the eyes to reflect boldness in attitude. Tying the hair up in a loose bun or an updo is perfectly complementary to this look as it highlights the glitter in the eyes.

Pout to Stand Out
For a very sophisticated yet subtle look, opt for dark black eyeliner and a bright lip colour. Choose from the wide range of reds, pinks and corals to bring attention to the lips. A sleek ponytail goes very well with the look. Accentuate the lips and be ready for a dinner or an evening party in minutes.

Cherry the Cheeks
Bronzed cheeks complement bronze eyeshadow more than any other. Add a little black eyeshadow on outer corners and adorn it with a little-smudged eyeliner to win a million hearts. Top it up with lots of mascara to give a dramatic, sizzling look. Opt for a coloured lip gloss in pink, brown or coral to complete the look. Bronze guarantees a scorching, glamorous look. To add to the glamour quotient, leave your hair open to flaunt soft waves or curls.

Mesmerise during the Day
Try a softer look for the day with eyeshadows in softer shades and a little blush in coral colours. Peach and pink are the most favoured colours when it comes to blushes.  For the lips use tinges of soft pink with gloss and highlight the eyes with lots of mascara. Create soft big curls waves on our hair, leave them loose or twist them onto one side. If you don't want to flash your tresses, a fishtail braid works beautifully.

Go out and rock the looks!
~ Heena

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