Share Your #TravelTalesWithTUI And The Stars of The Film Jugni

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Everyone has a few #TravelTales that keeps them going for a lifetime; either by way of a memory or a dream that keeps the traveller in them going. I too have loads of travel memories as I love to travel. Last year around this time I was invited by Gujarat Tourism to experience all about the #RannUtsav and blog about it. The trip has become a benchmark for all my travels with its gorgeous locales, amazing home-stays and above all piping hot and spicy Kutchi cuisine.

Share Your #TravelTalesWithTUI And The Stars of The Film Jugni

Though it hasn’t been a first for me in Kutch as it happens to be a place my ancestors hail from; it has by far been the best trip. There was so much I gained from it as a person and as a woman. It took me back to my roots in ways unimaginable. With a culture I had never experienced, with the people I had never met, with the customs I had never practiced I felt at home. The trip was the first time I was exposed to the traditional form of clothing; dance and music and I was surprised that I fit into it so beautifully. Just like this trip, #iCynosureTravels has many more gems in our travel kitty, and those need not be actual travels. Sometimes we travel just with a song we hear or a movie we watch. 

Over the years there have been so many songs that instantly connect me to a place or an adventure. And that's what happened to me during the music launch of the movie Jugni, starring Sugandha Ram and Siddhant Behl. When music maestros AR.Rahman and Vishal Bharadwaj took to the stage talking about the musical journey with Clinton Cerejo the film’s music composer; I actually travelled with them into the musical land. Travel is the storyteller in the movie that takes the protagonists on a musical journey of discovery to help reconnect with themselves.

As travel enthusiasts and #TravelBloggers, a few of us had an opportunity to talk about our #TravelTales and #DreamDestinations with the lead stars at the movie's Travel Partner TUI’s Mumbai Store. I shared my #TravelTalesWithTUI as I've already travelled to some of my dream destinations including Egypt, France and UK; expressing my desire to travel next to my dream destination New Zealand. 

Who knows I may get to go there with TUI!

And if you want a chance to go on a musical journey of self-discovery you must participate in the #TravelTalesWithTUI contest by sharing your travel journeys with them. 

If that's not enough to motivate you, listen to this song my newest #TravelSong and think again.

I've shared my #TravelTalesWithTUI. Have you? Will you?

This post is in partnership with Jugni, the Film

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