Beach Breaks To Half Moon Bay, Bora Bora, Nassau And More

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Beach breaks offer the perfect opportunity to laze in the sun and enjoy a good book. However, most beach cities are highly populated with tourists and travellers alike, that makes them a bit difficult to explore and navigate. The next time you plan a beach getaway, consider these amazing cities in the US for their serene beauty, untouched magnetism and picturesque backdrop. You will be pleased. 

Half Moon Bay
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Half Moon Bay will surprise you with its four-mile-long stretch of sandy beach and perfect setting. The rugged, crescent-shaped city, nestled between hills and a dramatic coastline, is sure to give you an ideal spot for sunbathing, fishing and picnicking. It's panoramic setting with its natural backdrop of rocky shoreline combines with its laid-back attitude to create a memorable experience. You won't want to miss the cultural history of the Coastside. You can stay at one of the most luxurious resorts at Half Moon Bay, such as the Ritz-Carlton, The Beach House and the Landis Shores Oceanfront. Take advantage of the high-end facilities and beautiful decor. Opt for Holiday Inn or Comfort Inn if looking for a budget choice.

Myrtle Beach
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Myrtle Beach is second to none, offering 60 miles of wide, soft sandy beach area, family-friendly attractions and more. The long list of activities you can pursue here range from water sports to fishing and cycling. Myrtle Beach's diversity ensures that you will create unforgettable memories while bonding with family and friends. There are plenty of choices for lodging during your Myrtle beach stay, including Super 8 Oceanfront Resort, Crown Reef Resort, cosy beach homes, campgrounds and condos. 

Treasure Island
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Treasure Island is the perfect destination for all types of travellers. Located on a barrier island, Treasure Island features four miles of gulf beachfront, which runs the entire length of the city. The newly renovated marina on Boca Ciega Bayallows boat rentals private expeditions. Hotel range from the most luxurious properties to the most budget-friendly accommodations. You can opt for Treasure Island Beach Resort or the Residence Inn by Marriott or the Twins Inn and Apartments or the Surf Beach Resort.

Nassau Island 
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Nassau Island needs no introduction, being the capital city of the Bahamas and the queen of beaches. Coupled with the attraction of a big city and the ease of tropical utopia, Nassau Island is the paradise everyone wants to wake up to. A bustling metropolitan hub full of culture and modern amenities and acres of pure euphoria, it was developed almost exclusively to delight and accommodate visitors. The island boasts of a great nightlife, a golf course, an aquarium and a casino. You can enjoy the island in luxurious five-star resorts or beautiful beachfront hotels and even opt for secluded tranquil retreats. Check the Marley Resort and Spa and Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort for the ultimate getaway. 

Bora Bora Island
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Bora Bora Island the Jewel of the South Seas, is the most celebrated island in French Polynesia. The beauty of this island is in its sand-fringed motus and turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef. It is by far the most popular and luxurious beach resort destination, with properties literally perched over the water on stilts. It is a must-visit for beach lovers. Forget your budgets for this one place in particular; get spending with the amazing resort properties like the Four Seasons, Sofitel Private Island and the St. Regis Resort along with many other breath-taking stays.

So do not wait for winter. Take off today and enjoy these beautiful beachfront destinations.
- Heena

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