The Best Casino Hotels In Laughlin

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Whenever I think about casinos, the only place that comes to mind is Las Vegas. However, a quick internet search springs up loads of fun places, especially in the USA state of Nevada. Beyond the well-known Sin City are some jewels hidden in the state like Reno, Henderson, Stateline, and Laughlin. With most tourists choosing Las Vegas, the spa resorts and casino hotels in the other cities remain unexplored.

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Colorado Belle Hotel and Resort, Nevada

Laughlin, set along the Colorado River, is one such destination that will offer you unparalleled experiences with its late night gambling adventures. The city is best known for lazy mornings, relaxing afternoons, and fun evenings. Aquarius Casino Resort and Tropicana Laughlin are the most popular casino resorts in the city; however, some other resorts that offer equally amazing experiences and thrill the adventurous traveller.  

The Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino Resort has most of the games that you'd want to play. With a 65,000 square foot casino floor, it offers unmatched slot machines, table games, and live action poker. The casino features a coin-less slot floor with the latest titles to test your luck. 

The Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino Resort 
is touted as a 24-hour gaming casino console that has all casino essentials and a video poker for live action gaming. A humongous casino spread over 80,000 square feet casino floor has a special non-smoking section for slot and pit players. 

The Edgewater Resort Hotel and Casino 
is a newly remodelled 26-story Sedona Tower that has breathtaking views of the city. On the east of the tower is the casino. Though a relatively smaller floor of 40,000 square feet, the gaming excitement is one of the best in the city.

The Avi Resort and Casino 
situated on Lake Mojave is a private beach and boat hotel that boasts of a casino with daily promotions and tournaments. The casino has EZ Pay (ticket-in, ticket-out) machines with penny slots that allow play on all the multi-line slots. 

The Harrah's Laughlin Hotel and Casino Resort 
is by far the most popular casino resort in Laughlin that offers stunning views of the picturesque Colorado River and is the only world-class riverfront resort destination in Laughlin. Apart from the regular gambling options, the Harrah also offers the Race and Sports Book for sports betting. The Jewel on the Colorado has over 900 games in all denominations from penny to dollar machines. The 55,000 square feet casino offers 24 hours of gambling for a fun and friendly experience.

Whichever of these resort destinations you choose, your stay will be one of the best you’ve ever experienced. If you cannot decide on one, then go hotel hopping!  So go ahead, book your trip for the best deals and start packing for your trip now. 

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