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Online Deals and DiscountsWith the amount of shopping I do online I am always on a look out for better deals and offers. No doubt with the surge in the number of online ecommerce platforms one is bound to find some amazing discounts, however did you know that there is a way one can earn back a portion of the money spent?

If not; the first thing you need to know is the right platform to get onto to earn cashback and the simple way to actually earning back that spend. Shopback is all about getting the best deals, discounts, and coupon codes on 300+ stores, plus just ‘getting cashback’. So when spend money online through ShopBack, the platform gives back a fraction of what you spend as cashback, which is nothing but extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online.

So how does the Shopback model work?
Online Deals and Discounts

The image above is self-explanatory. Sign-up with Shopback, log-in and shop via the platform from the numerous stores that have affiliated with. Once the purchase is made, cashback will reflect into your account on Shopback post which you are eligible to cash out your earnings once you reach an Redeemable Cashback of INR 200.00. Additionally if you are new to the platform you can even sign-up via iCynosure referral code to earn a bonus not only at sign up but also after your first successful purchase.

Does Shopback really work?Online Deals and Discounts

Online Deals and Discounts

I found the cashback portal Shopback while looking to book a much-needed summer getaway out of the chaotic city of Mumbai. I used MakeMyTrip via the link on Shopback and surfed to find the Jakson Inns in Phaltan, Satara and quickly booked my weekend break with the amazing property. Back to the cashback portal I surfed to book my travel; Paytm came to my rescue and I could book my bus ride from Mumbai to Satara. When I checked to see what I've earned as cashback it was a good INR 1k rupees on a spend of INR 6k. Not a bad deal at all, especially with cashback on top of Paytm offers and MakeMyTrip offers. 

I love Shopback not only for its main concept of cashback but also for the super easy interface with direct access to the latest deals and promotions. 

Have you used a cashback site Shopback or a similar one before? 

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- Heena

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