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The delight of Shanghai, on the Pacific Oceans' western shore, lies in the simplicity it holds on either side of the Huangpu River. Puxi, west of the Huangpu River, is considered older Shanghai, with its traditional shops, restaurants, and museums. Modern Pudong on the east is lined with high-rise buildings and boutique hotels. Whether you see the city as a traditional fishing village or a seaport, choose an easily accessible Shanghai hotel to make the most of your visit. When in Shanghai, explore these attractions.

Shanghai Maglev Train
Travel Guide for Shanghai
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Arrive in the city via Pudong Airport and take the Maglev Train into the city centre, it covers 30 kms within minutes at a speed of 270 mph. This train is the first commercial maglev line, designed similar to modern day aircraft with two to three seats per row, temperature control, and trained attendants. Don't forget to click a selfie when the LCD screen alerts you that the train has reached its maximum speed of 431 kph. The Shanghai Maglev has recorded as the fastest commercial train in the world by Guinness World.

Shanghai Museum
Travel Guide for Shanghai
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Head to the world-renowned museum that houses over a quarter million rare and unique cultural artefacts to see 5000 years of Chinese history. The Shanghai Museum is located in the People’s Square within the centre of the city. The bronze collection displayed in the museum is said to be the most fascinating to visitors. The museum only admits a set number of visitors every hour and offers an audio guide to enrich the understanding of all the exhibits. 

The Bund
Travel Guide for Shanghai
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Spend an evening at The Bund boardwalk admiring its magnificent architecture against the backdrop of the peaceful Huangpu River. This street dedicated to more than 50 architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Baroque, Roman to Renaissance, is picture perfect against the illuminated night sky. The Oriental Pearl Tower stands 468 meters tall, the highest in Asia. It is made of three main spheres, three gigantic columns, and—the highlight—a moving capsule.

Jing’an Temple
Travel Guide for Shanghai
Image Source: Evergreen Tourist Places
Meditate at a temple built in early 220AD. The Jingan Temple, the most famous temple in Shanghai, is under National Protection. It has three meditation halls: Hall of Heavenly Kings, Mahavir Hall, and Three Sage Hall. Jing'an is most visited for the portrait of Sakyamuni, which brings inner peace and commands reverence. Every year a traditional fest is held at the temple to celebrate Lord Buddha's birthday.  
Yu Garden
Travel Guide for Shanghai
Image Source: Evergreen Tourist Places
Laze in a garden constructed in the mid-1500s by the Ming Dynasty's Pan Yudan for his parents. Over time, the temple was ruined by the British and Japanese armies then reconstructed. Visitors line up for a glimpse of the exquisite Jade Rock in the Heralding Spring Hall. The rock is over three meters high and has 72 holes over its surface. When a joss stick is burned below the rock, you can catch smoke emitting from all the holes in peaceful tandem.

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for Shanghai now!
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