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Today I head the Corporate Communications Department of a global pharmaceutical giant, however, to reach this position I too started at the base of the ladder. With a major in creative arts and media relations from St. Xaviers College of Communications I was surprised to be accepted into an internship program with Wizcraft World for a series of Bollywood award functions. To say the least at that point I was super excited and with practically no idea what to expect I packed my bags and headed to Mumbai with other fellow interns and friends from college.

Accepting an internship at that time was a huge gamble, especially because I didn’t follow much of Bollywood however, on the other hand, it was exciting because the experience was poised to be so valuable where I would have an opportunity to learn directly from those in charge. And the feather in the cap was that I’d be hob-nobbing with the whose-who of the film and glamour industry. 

What I didn’t accept was the crazy schedules and silly requests that would come from various individuals that were not even listed in the job description. In spite of all the fuss I easily slid into the day-to-day operations; coordinating for the award function with back-to-back meetings, production task lists and innumerable to-do lists. As the awards day came closer, I was almost on a first name basis with practically everyone and anticipated the tasks much before being asked to do them. 

The day the celebrities started arriving, it was chaotic and crazy beyond any length of my imagination. All of us, the interns were on our feet from early morning to late at night and at the end of the day, we just crashed into one room without nothing about food or comfort. Even in the chaos, we had a great time; bonding with each other, forging great relationships that have stood the test of times. 

To conclude, my time at Wizcraft was nothing short of amazing; the experience taught me the ropes of the business and gave me an insight into many things. I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory and here are my golden rules to keep in mind when you happen to be in a middle of an internship or are poised to apply for one very soon. Do everything that is expected of you and add a pinch of what is not. Forge friendships that will become the solid ground for your foray into the professional world. Last but not the least accept a role you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like work. 

- Heena

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