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the most personal and private relationship I have with a non-living thing is that with my handbag. My husband remains stumped at the very thought of the number of bags in my closet and my need to have any more. I can vouch that the opposite sex absolutely doesn’t understand the bond between a girl and her handbag. 

For me, my handbags are an extension of my personality, my world on the move and above all my best friends. Yes, I’m as choosy about picking my handbags as much as I’m about my friends. I prefer to pick quality, refinement and understated elegance over brand names, celebrity endorsements and price tags. 

However, when I do see some of the most stylish celebrities and fashionistas flaunting a particular brand, I sit up and take notice. One such brand that has caught my eye is Los Angeles-based luxury handbag designer Farbod Barsum. The brand born of a passion for classic styling paired with modern vision in composition, FARBOD BARSUM specialises in what one could easily call ‘wearable art’. 

The brain plus passion behind the brand, Farbod Barsum draws inspiration from his love of architecture and nature and creates a balance between structural and organic composition in his designs. The collection boasts of handbags, clutches, exotic passport wallet and accessories priced from $2,000-$32,000; visibly standing out from the various brands for its illustrious shape and texture that transforms rare materials and adapts them for use in everyday life.
A rare find, I just couldn’t stop myself from choosing my favourite and it was by far one of the most difficult choices that I have had to make, ever! The one handbag from the collection that would be my absolute must-have is the Empress handbag which is ideal for the jet-setting multi-tasker in me. Available in both a full size and a mini, the Empress is a genuine alligator skin bag that comes with an ostrich skin purse and is sturdy enough to endure a fast-paced lifestyle and elegant enough to command attention
Another product that I sure would love to have is the Ladies Alligator Wallet that would perfectly complimentary to any handbag.  

Have you heard about the brand? Seen the amazing pieces? Let me know in a comment below which is the one handbag you must have from Farbod Barsum.

- Heena

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