Experiment At The PerfumeBooth With A Perfume Selfie

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One of the newest trends in the beauty industry are monthly beauty box subscriptions and the latest to join the subscription service bandwagon are perfumes. Not only does a perfume subscription box allow you to try out new scents at reasonable rates but also helps you build your repertoire of scents to know what will your go-to signature scent be.

I’ve friends who have worn the same fragrance forever and some who keep changing their scents; while some hoard on to perfumes, I need perfumes more realistically. Not only do I prefer change occasionally but I also need my perfumes to be in travel-friendly cases for the hectic lifestyle I lead. While exploring viable options I recently came across Perfumebooth, a one-stop online destination for superlative fragrances sourced from all over the world at affordable prices. However, what caught my eye was the unique Perfume Selfie; a stylish patent-pending device to carry the miniature sized perfumes that easily fit in your pocket or purse.

Apart from regular sized products, Perfumebooth offers a Perfume Selfie Box similar to a subscription box where you get 7 mini (4ml) perfumes from 7 different brands and a Perfume Selfie. PerfumeBooth has exclusive tie-ups with the brands and the 42 bestselling perfumes have been shortlisted and imported directly from France, UK and UAE. At INR 475, the Perfume Selfie Box is a steal with seven 4ml sample size perfumes, a Perfume Selfie Case and an INR 502 Gift Card to purchase full-sized products.

Currently, the brand offers three variants of the Perfume Selfie Box for men and women in which perfumes have been hand-picked as per the personality of the box. I picked the Sophistique Women for the emphasis on how she would make you want to bow down in respect. She’s elegant, she’s priceless and a queen of her universe. The other box I picked is the Lurve Women for it emphasised all things classic where you’d picture her walking down the Parisian streets, holding a dozen carnations. She’s special and everyone will know that.

My first impressions as soon as the products arrived was the packaging that would make it super convenient for travel or on the go. I love the design of the case that makes it sleek and stylish while ensuring easy to use with zero spills! Also, the generous 4ml will allow me to test the fragrance multiple times in different environments and conditions before making the purchase for a full-sized product. The biggest plus is the price point that’s practically next to nothing and with a discount coupon; making it practically free.

I also love the fact that the brand has introduced niche independent perfume brands instead of the run-of-the-mill brands that are available everywhere. For a fragrance experimenter or a collector, PerfumeBooth surely allows you to broaden your horizon and gives you access to new and unique scents.

I’d recommend a try, would you want to experiment? 
~ Heena

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