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I know I’ve been continuously talking about the Mumbai Summers for the last few weeks, but it’s the harsh Indian reality. Unfortunately, the heat arrives coupled with the consistent dust and pollution and let's face it, sucks the life out of us. We as adults recognise the changes that the weather brings to our lifestyle and overall health and we immediately take corrective measures. However what about kids who rarely know what damage is happening to them?

Kids are adorable, cuddly with super soft and supple skin; the best among all. But we completely forget that they need more protection from the sun than we do. Most parents will ensure the kids remain indoors during the afternoon heat and cover them in layers of clothing; which are in a way efficient but insufficient ways to protect their delicate skin. Sun Damage among babies is a largely overlooked aspect and all parents must try to protect them without compromising on their childhood, but by incorporating Sun Protection in their daily routines.

One of the biggest myth about sun lotion is that it is to be used only during the summers, but the fact remains that sunscreens are to be used all year round, especially during the summers. The most effective sun protection should be infused with both UVA and UVB filters, Pro-vitamin B5, a pH level of 5.5, an SPF higher than 25 and most importantly should be alcohol, paraffins, parabens, perfume and colour free.

So when Sebamed India invited us over for the launch of their new product Baby Sebamed Sun Lotion I couldn’t contain my excitement. The launch event was a super interactive session with loads of activities planned for the children. From pop-up counters to photo-booths all the kids were super excited; especially as they were the stars of the day. The brand graciously invited all the kids present at the launch to take centre stage and unveil the product.

Once the product was unveiled, the in-house health consultant from Sebamed shared some valuable tips on the right method of applying sunscreen on children:

~ sun Protection must be used at least 30 mins prior to going outdoors for it to work
~ a maximum of 3-4 tbsp of Sun Screen is enough for a child up to 6 years of age
~ sun Lotion must be applied in circular motions on the skin’s surface
~ reapply Sun Lotion every 2 hours when out for a longer period of time
~ ideally apply Sun Lotion even if the child is to remain indoors

I’m also sharing some tips from my personal experience with #PrincessHeer about Sun Lotions. 
~ a stick formula works best for the face instead of cream, lotion or spray
~ in case of sprays, use the spray first onto your hand and then apply on the baby’s body
~ even when waterproof, reapply Sun Lotion as soon as the child comes out of the water and is dry

Coming back to the launch event, as the kids continued with their Sun Lotion experiments, we headed to the garden area of Radio Club for a chance to register ourselves for a record for a Yoga Session. What any mum would think an impossible task proved to be a record maker with almost 70 mums - kids duo made it to the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for a maximum number of mums and kids participated in the Yoga Session #WelcomingSummer in the Group Attempt category.

I have been using a Sunscreen for Heer which has given me satisfactory results, however, with all the product features of the Baby Sebamed Multi-Protection Sun Lotion, I’m looking forward to taking her skincare routine several notches up. I’m especially curious to try the product for its SPF 50 and ph5.5 levels, an oil-free base and most importantly compatibility with sensitive skin.

Have you used any Sebamed products? What has been your experience with them, share it with me in the comments below. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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