Dress To Impress Yourself, Today And Every Day

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Girls know how tough it is to dress every day; and she takes care of not only her clothing but also her overall look, picking the right accessories, handbag and footwear. Trust me dressing-up is equally challenging for men and even if they pretend it’s their least priority, they are keen to make a really good impression every time they step out. And it is normal to feel as such.

However, instead of trying to catch someone’s attention; Men, you must dress to impress yourself first, and that it should be in your comfort zone and should bring out your personality. The dressing has its own considerations to follow including occasion, time and reason; but you must take care of a few things that remain unanimous especially when wearing formal shirts; for making you feel good, making heads turn. 


Facial Hair will either make it or break it for you. You may want to sport a beard or go clean shaven, it is your choice but ensures it’s done right. Clean shaven doesn’t take much to achieve however one must maintain a beard with specific beard products. Beards are in trend, however are a great responsibility and you must style it well with beard balms or beard oils that will leave many swooning.


Keep the accessories to the minimum, too much flash is never good. Add a pair of unique cufflinks that are conversation starters or pick a vintage wristwatch. A pocket watch or a pocket square is sure to raise a few eyebrows. Stay away from jewellery especially ear studs, large rings or cycle chains around your neck. 


Alternate between formal shoes and loafers as the occasion demands. But ensure the footwear is clean and polished. Most women are able to spot filthy shoes from a distance and that’s where they will remain, at a distance. Slip-ons are great too but only when at the beach or a super casual gathering. Another important aspect would be to colour coordinate the socks and wear a fresh pair every single time. 

So are you ready to stun the stylist?

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~ Heena

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