Fun Things To Do With Kids This Summer

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The holiday season is on and every time my phone rings displaying 'Home', I get panic attacks. Most of the calls begin with my little one announcing 'Mom, I'm so bored!', and if for every time she said this, if someone gave me a nickel, I sure would be a rich momma. Nevertheless, what can I really do to ensure #PrincessHeer is engaged during her summer vacations without having to step out too much in the heat? So this weekend I sat down and created a list of activities that she can enjoy without the need to be glued to the idiot box for the entire day.

Indoor Games

A competitive and time-consuming activity during the summer holiday is to spread out board games and challenge friends to play for hours. And that's the first thing I'm you should be doing with your little ones. Give them a boost of creative fun with some interesting jigsaw puzzles, Lego sets, or word Scrabble to set her mind racing or even a few hours in the play zone.

Drawing and Colouring
Fun activities like drawing or colouring are the most inexpensive form of a game to engage hyperactive children. Order a few books, paints, colours, stencils and free the little minds to envisage and create a visual delight. Sketching, drawing, and colouring are stress-busting activities that no child will tire of.  

One quality that Heer has inherited from me is my love for craft projects. There are a number of ways crafts can be included in day-to-day activities for not only probing a mind but also enhancing imagination. So go ahead order some crafts supplies and sit with your little ones to get started on some basic DIYs and recycling projects.  

The best gift you can ever give a child is read to them. This simple act not only gives you both time to bond but also pips her curiosity, sowing the reading seed in their mind. Reading usually becomes a stepping stone to other activities that interest children. So bring out your childhood books and relive the stories with your little ones.

Water Games
Water is the best escape in the summers and children love to indulge in water games. The easiest way would be to enrol kids in swimming classes that would club fun with some form of exercise to rejuvenate them. Alternatively, bubble baths are another sure shot way to engage kids and keep them busy for a long time. 

Hobby Class
It is very easy to gauge what your little one is really interested in and help her take it up as a hobby. Enrol them in classes specific to their interest which could range from singing and dancing to playing an instrument to even cooking or gardening classes. It will be a great experience to see them learn and do what they like.  

So to beat the Summer Heat try some of these interesting activities, and share your feedback with me on whether or not the idea worked to keep your little one busy all afternoon

Until next time,
~ Heena

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