Kid Friendly Healthy Home Infographic

on May 11, 2017 / by

As a working mother, I am always stressed about the safety and security of the environment my little princess is in, whether we're at home, in school, or on the playground. More often than not, I am careful about the hazards that could pose problems outside the home and affect her health. I get vigilant and take active measures to minimize any dangers lurking around, and I feel very proud of my accomplishments.

However, what I do tend to overlook are the ill effects of household products that may affect her health at home. Just like every parent, I strive to maintain a healthy and safe home do where she can grow, and the infographic below is an eye-opener for me.

The simple yet detailed infographic serves as a ready checklist of four main household products that most impact the natural indoor air, infusing it with a number of toxins and pollutants. The infographic outlines how simple products like BPA plastic, home cleanersand soap, and air fresheners adversely affect the overall health and development of children. What I absolutely love about this infographic is that it not only identifies the products that you should eliminate from your home, but it also offers alternative solutions that are easy to adapt.

I've promised myself to not be fooled by advertisers and marketers, to read and understand all the fine print on product labels, and to take the necessary steps to make healthier choices for my family. I'm going to welcome this simple infographic into my life to help me create an organic, chemical-free home to protect my little princess. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more tips for making your home healthier.

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