Plan to Live Life How It’s Meant to Be

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I’ve been a pretty responsible and accountable person all through my growing up years and even today, with a few days of utter madness and chaos thrown in here and there. However, as I stand at the threshold of some huge developments in my personal life, I’ve time to reflect where I am versus where I would like to be. Don’t worry there isn’t going to be any major upheaves, just a few changes that will make me more of truly what and who I am. Over the years I’ve always accomplished everything I’ve set my mind on, from going on an educational tangent to obtaining professional freedom to solid financial planning to achieve my desired goals. However, over the years what has been a tad bit in the background are the crazy things that I’ve always wanted to do. 

So earlier this year I sat down to pen things that I wanted to do for myself without a care in the world, and set out to work towards it… But before I started I put some pointers in place, because anything that is possible in your mind is possible in life too when thoroughly thought through… 

1. Be Inspired
One of the people who inspired me the most to go for it was none other than my 6-year old #PrincessHeer. Her quest for experiences, her ability to express and achieve them fearlessly pushed me to realise what I wanted to do and it helped me ‘live in the day’ as opposed to keeping it reserved for another day. 

2. Dream Realistic
The thing that is most important is to set realistic goals for yourself. Do not dream of ‘Travel the World’, ‘Write a Book’, etc.; make it more specific so that the chances of them happening are far higher than not. If the goal seems too large on a given day, break it up into smaller achievable goals that would help you slowly headed in the right direction. 

3. Plan Ahead
Working towards your goals is not an easy feat, there are many things you must consider while trying to achieve your goals. While starting a business may require a strong investment plan, whereas for making sure your loved ones live a comfortable life after you, you need a life insurance. This way you can ensure your future finances are planned in case of any contingencies. 

This is just the start, and since each day I am evolving as a person, I plan to add new things to my list. It is funny how things that had little or no significance a few years ago are a priority today and this is the kind of change I expect going forward. Slowly my ‘bucket list’ will evolve as I evolve making it an individual perspective. Do not look at what others what to do, or what others what you to do, look at what you want to do. So slow down and live the life you were meant to live.

Until next time, 
~ Heena 

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