Tips To Stand Out In A Saree

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The saree, India’s national outfit has been a closet favourite for centuries. The big-bright ethnic must-have finds room in every wardrobe, whatever be the personality of the woman. I’ve had my share of the saree and pallu days, which unfortunately, I gave up after the birth of my little princess, because how does a woman manage a baby and a bodice? Apart from the fact that with a little one in my arms, one of the reasons the saree took a backseat for me was the numerous changes my body went through after childbirth and wearing a saree no longer made me feel as confident about myself as before.

However, with the festive season around the corner, and loads of family weddings to attend, I so wanted to bring out sarees from my wedding trousseau and flaunt them. But how do I make it look great and perfectly draped? A quick chat with my mom and I was brimming with numerous tips on how I can make the beautiful garment work for me.

Pick the Right Lingerie
Irrespective of the fabric of the saree, the lingerie you wear underneath will have a great impact on the overall look. It is most important to select the right undergarments; preferably in nude, white and black tones that will compliment the colour of your saree. It is equally important to pick a colour coordinated petticoat either in satin or cotton that will further enhance the look. 

Wear a Tailored Blouse
Nothing spells class as a beautifully tailored blouse that is perfectly fitted, hiding all your concern areas. It makes style sense to keep the pallu loose, especially if the saree is made of lighter fabrics to show the structured shape and design of the blouse. Hook in the bra-straps keeps the look neat and finished. Choose blouse designs that will compliment your body type.

Select the Correct Footwear
Ditch the high heels and stilettos, opt for traditional footwear that will compliment your ethnic wear. It is a universally known fact that kitten heels and mojris add charm to your saree. Pick subtle colours that would merge with the entire look rather than bold and feisty colours that would create contrast and stand out.

Accessorise in Appropriate Proportions
The best way to accentuate the look would be to add appropriate accessories, however, keep them simple and chic with one piece that is arresting in nature. To up the ante, carry a glamorous clutch or potli bag, or if you are the more adventurous types, show off your personal style with a minaudiere.

Though there are very few things to avoid where sarees are concerned, I would definitely suggest to shy away from wearing black or white tones, especially for auspicious functions like poojas and ceremonies. Also, I'd personally keep away from a low cut or revealing blouses that would draw unnecessary attention. Having said that a saree is an intrinsic affair, it is a timeless and mysterious drape that hugs every curve of a feminine body. So don't look for an occasion to drape them, create occasions to flaunt them. 

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~ Heena

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