Busting Diapering Myths For New Moms

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When I embraced motherhood for the first time with #PrincessHeer, I was so misinformed about all things related to kids and took everything I heard or read at face value. However now with my second brush with being a mommy, I rely on my personal experience rather than any information floating around. One of the biggest debates new moms have is about diapers, especially disposable versus reusable diapers. I for one had to overcome some members of my extended family critique me for using diapers in the first place. 

With little to actually no knowledge about diapers, elders advise us against using diapers for various reasons. Some of them actually very absurd, myths that are only hearsay, some of which I’m going to break in my article here. 

Nappies better than Diapers
It is an age-old myth that cloth nappies are better than diapers but it's a proven fact that diapers are more efficient in absorbing liquid and keeping a baby’s skin dry and clean. The constant innovation in baby products have been phenomenal and diapers are using innovative techniques like lining with baby lotion and extra absorbents that keep a baby’s skin moisturised and healthy. 

Diapers cause Rashes
The biggest myth to discourage the use of diapers is rashes. However, truth is that diapers are better at preventing rashes than nappies if used correctly. However, if you use diapers 24x7 or use wipes with alcohol or fragrances, then chances of rashes are much higher. The most hygienic way to use diapers to prevent rashes is to change within 5 hours and use India’s first water-based wipes brand Mother Sparsh

Diapers require Powder
Initially, it was promoted by doctors and consultants to sprinkle baby powder whenever you change a baby’s diaper. However now with improvements and innovation in diaper technology, there is no need to powder a baby’s bottom each time you change him. Use wet wipes or baby wipes to clean the area and then put on a fresh diaper. 

So now that I've put the most frequent diaper myths to rest, here are a few suggestions to make your little one’s diaper journey a joyful one: 

~ Pick the diapers size on the basis weight and not age
~ Always clean your baby with baby wipes when changing diapers
~ Ensure you give your precious little one a couple of diaper free hours
~ Use products those are dermatologically tested and paediatrician approved
~ Use prescribed diaper rash cream at the first sign of redness, spots, blisters or scales
~ Never use any over the counter ailment, lotions, antiseptic cream on rashes, spots or scales
~ Incase rashes, spots, blisters or scales don’t clear in a few days, do consult your baby’s doctor

There are no rules to parenting, follow the leads your little one gives you, and don't let the  myths deter you from giving your little one the comfort he needs. As a mom, I have cleaned and diapered a lot, so I hope this article will answer questions and debunk myths about diapering that will help to keep your baby healthy and happy.

Until next time, 
~ Heena

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