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In India, entertainment means only two things - Cricket and Cinema. Indian cinema dates all the way back to 1913 with the silent film Raja Harishchandra, the first-ever Indian feature film produced by Dadasaheb Phalke. Over the past hundred years, numerous facets of Indian cinema have evolved and how. The largest and most evident transformation in films have been that for the heroine, the lead actress has gone from feeble to fabulous and fearless. In early cinema, the heroine was restricted to being a perfect woman, who never looked beyond her family especially her husband and was restricted to the home and kitchen. However, today the leading actresses are playing complex challenging roles to reflect the woman of today. 

One such actress who is taking risks with her roles is Kareena Kapoor Khan who entered the industry when she was just 20 years old. She made her debut in 2000 with Refugee and played Nazneen Ahmed with a beautiful mix of confidence and innocence to instantly become India’s sweetheart and win a Filmfare Award for the Most Sensational Debut. 18 years on, she is still considered one of the most prolific and charismatic actresses of our times with a career that has a beautiful mix of roles. Here’s looking at some of her most sensational and path-breaking roles:

Veere Di Wedding (2018)
Synopsis: Four girls on their way to find true love discover that friendship this strong has its consequences.
As Kalindi in Veere Di Wedding, Kareena plays a woman from a broken home who is in two minds about tying the knot with her boyfriend. She convincingly plays the woman who follows her heart, regardless of the consequences of her decisions and backs herself with grace. Audiences will remember this role of a badass woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to voice her decisions. She effortlessly anchors the entire movie beautifully. 

Ki & Ka (2016)
Synopsis: A young, married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society.
Only Kareena could have pulled off the role of Kia. She represented the character of every ambitious woman who works hard to survive the ups and downs of their personal and professional lives. Also to play a love interest to a younger man is a challenge she took up and executed very well. She is very convincing in her role as a woman of today who wants a career and a personal life but wants to keep motherhood at bay, which a lot of actresses would shield away from. 

Jab We Met (2007)
Synopsis: A depressed wealthy businessman finds his life changing after he meets a spunky and care-free young woman.
As Geet in Jab We Met, Kareena wins hearts while portraying the transition of a bubbly, fearless, madly in love girl to a jilted in love, lonely girl with amazing clarity and elan. The film belongs to Kareena who pitches in the most memorable performance of her career and gives an entirely new meaning and treatment to the boy-meets-girl story. Audiences will remember her spunk and her fun-loving attitude in the film for which she bagged the maximum Best Actress Awards that year.

Omkara (2006)
Synopsis: A politically-minded enforcer's misguided trust in his lieutenant leads him to suspect his wife of infidelity in this adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Othello'.
As Dolly in Omkara, Kareena went de-glam with a no-makeup look that put the spotlight on her brilliant performance. A simple village girl who was rebellious in love, and went to the extreme to be with the man she loved, portrayed her vulnerability and innocence beautifully. The wedding night scene is still etched in the minds of the audiences and the sheer surprise reflected in her eyes in that scene is still remembered. 

Chameli (2004)
Synopsis: On a rainy night, when an investment banker's car breaks down in the red light district, he takes shelter where he meets and later befriends a prostitute.
In Chameli, there is no trace of Kareena. There is only Chameli - a prostitute with her gaudy makeup, tacky clothes and vulgar language. Kareena stepped out of her comfort zone to play a low-class street hooker waiting in the shadows to entice lonely men with aplomb. The film offered audiences a glimpse of what Kareena was capable of as an actress, earning her a special award at the 2004 Filmfare awards. 

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