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Every woman shares a very unique relationship with her handbag and that includes me as well. Dearest husband remains astonished every time I walk into a store and head straight for the bag section, and even sometimes after a considerable time I return with absolutely nothing. I can say for sure that men do not understand the bond between a girl and her handbag. 

However now with two kids, I no longer have the luxury of strolling through retail stores for my handbags and so my next best friend is an online store called Baginning that defines itself as: 

One Shop, A Group of Dreamers.
On the Way to Lastest Trending,
On the Way to Best Lady bags Shopping Experience,
And on the way to Be Ourselves.
It's for fashion lovers, It's Baginning! 

Tha'ts so me, my handbags are an extension of my personality, my world on the move and so I’m very choosy about picking my handbags because I look for quality, refinement and understated elegance. Here are a few pieces I've just ordered to celebrate my birthday month!
Tote Bag 
I've first picked this super spacious rose genuine leather tote bag for the amount of room it will have to stuff things that I need when travelling with the kids. Also if one of the very few tote bags that I've seen with a zipper, making it perfect.
Laptop Bag
My next pick is a perfect compliment to all my work needs, a green chic laptop bag with a structured body that is as wide at the base, as the top. A perfect companion, absolutely complimentary to my formal wear yet a colour that stands out on its own.
My last pick is one of the amazing fashion backpacks that is perfect for a night out with my girls. Sparkly and shiny this is a must have to rock every party look, be it a night club, a beach or a house party. And it can easily be a bag Heer and I can share. 

And now for some important features of Baginning: 
Online Payments, including Paypal, credit card
Free Worldwide Shipping with express 2-4 days shipping time
Hassle Free Returns if you are not satisfied with our product.
Dedicated Support for any inquiry, order issue, quality complain and more

Have you heard about this online shop? Seen the amazing pieces? Let me know in a comment below which is the one handbag you must-have from them.

Until next time,
~ Heena

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