3 Must-Visit Places Near Shimla

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We’ve noticed that most people tend to stick to one place when they plan their holidays, almost cramping to do a lot of things in a single place, one that they are to visit, not wanting to venture out. This is especially true if there are kids and parents in the travelling troupe. Yes, we are guilty of this since most of our holidays are with our parents and our kids. But, soon we realised that we were missing out on a lot of surrounding places that are travel-worthy as we never made multiple-location itineraries. However, it all is going to change for our upcoming holiday to Shimla.

For the uninitiated, Shimla - the Queen of Hills, is fondly known for its gorgeous landscape, colonial architecture and historical sites. The weather throughout the year is enjoyable enough to draw in numerous tourists, and more so during the winters when the city is covered in gorgeous layers of snow. A stay in the city isn’t complete without a stroll down the Mall road, a trek to the Ridge, and ride on the Toy Train. 

However, in Shimla don't get stuck in the rut within the city, and venture out to visit some of the best weekend getaways from Shimla to add more dimension to your trip. We have been researching over the last few days and come up with numerous destination around Shimla within a distance of 10 to 25 kilometres that can be easily accessed by a local taxi. We have zeroed in on these must-visit places and added them to our itinerary.
At 13 kilometres from Shimla, Mashobra is a huge expanse of lush pine, oak and apple orchards covering beautiful hills which is accentuated with a picturesque stream gushing through the valley. It is a relatively untouched place, with very few tourists but flocked with travellers who love fresh natural surroundings in the lap of serenity. When in Mashobra do not leave without a visit to the Mahasu Peak and the Reserve Forest Sanctuary.
At a mere 18 kilometres from Shimla, is Kufri - the most scintillating ‘lake’ place that is like a soothing breeze in the summers and an iced blanket in the winters. Kufri boasts of majestic panoramic views apart from the world-famous trekking and hiking trails. Though one would see many adventure-seekers interested in skiing especially in the winters, Kufri is a much sought-after family place for its Himalayan Nature Park and Fun World.
The best surprise, just 21 kilometres from Shimla is Fagu, a quaint little town laden with refreshing green fields that offer a perfect sanctuary for peace and quiet. The picturesque countryside is dotted with a cluster of villages, fruit gardens and terraced fields, making it the perfect escape for a romantic day. Fagu, literally translated as ‘fog’ offers amazing experiences within the Reserve Forest Sanctuary, the Water Catchment Sanctuary and the Old Gurkha Fort.

Do you know of any other places that would interest us around Shimla, without having too much distance to be covered to reach it? If so do recommend in the comments below and should we happen to add that destination to our trip, be sure we shall bring back a local souvenir for you. 

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~ Heena

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