The Boot Guide For The Uninitiated

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I took a shine to boots when I studied in London, and the weather did help me embrace the new shoe variant whole-heartedly. I picked boots in a variety of summer-spring-winter friendly styles and even mixed colours that added magic to my outfits. I soon realised that styling boots could sometimes be very tricky, either it can amp the style three-fold or drop the look into the ditch to win a Razzie Award in fashion. Of course, I experimented and smoothly sailed through my boot looks while hitting the jackpot quite a few times. And since I don’t want any of you gorgeous girlies to go wrong, especially with styling boots in India, here is a quick boot guide to inspire you to wear boots throughout the year without looking overdressed or trying too hard. 

So let's get onto a cheat sheet about the types of boots:
Ankle Boots
I started my boots journey with a pair of ankle boots, which are a must style. They are classic and timeless and can be styled for a date night or when hanging out with friends or even at work. My first ankle boots were Chelsea boots that were slim and simple neutral boots.
Mid-Calf Boots
Just as the name suggests, these boots end mid-calf and are actually the least favourite style for me as they make me look frumpy. However, if you do want to get a pair, the best bet would be cowboy boots in a fun colour with some stylish accent. 
Knee Boots
My favourite boots are a pair of knee-high boots that are stylish and sexy at the same time. They are easy to style, accentuate any outfit and are easy to go from day-to-night. I have a pair, each in low and sky-high classic heels and also a fun pair in block heels. 

Next up are the best outfit permutations for your boots: 
With Jeans: 
The easiest way to style boots is skinny jeans tucked into them. Go casual with an oversized tee, or go formal with a blazer, or party-ready with a blouse. 
With Dresses: 
The trick to styling boots with a dress is to contrast the lengths. Pair ankle-length boots with a maxi or midi dress, mid-calf boots with a midi dress and knee boots with a mini dress. 
With Shorts or Skirts: 
Again the trick that works for a dress works for shorts and skirts. However, if you want to experiment, try pairing knee-high boots with a midi skirt or a wrap skirt. 

And finally, simple yet crucial tips for picking your boots:
⟡ Just like any shoes, the fit is the most important, choose comfort over style
⟡ For the first pair, buy offline so you can walk in 2-3 sizes, before deciding
⟡ Pick leather or fabric depending upon the climate and prevailing weather
⟡ Don’t forget the socks to match your boots, preferably in the same colour

Now you know most of all that you should about boots, so quick go and get yours today. Also, let me know in the comments, which are your favourite styles and why. 

Until next time,
~ Heena

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