A Simple Solution For All Your Hair Woes

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Have you been spending too much time worrying about your hair and skin?

Are you trying to correct your hair woes with  shampooing it more often, straightening it more than usual, colouring it regularly? Then you sure are doing something wrong, all you need to do is stop and listen to what your hair is saying. For every girl no matter what the hair texture is, the length is, the type is; has her own set of unique hair problems. And the only goal is healthy gorgeous hair. In this article, I shall cover some of the most common hair woes and the easiest and simplest way to overcome them.

Hair Fall: Usually, hair fall of 50-100 strands a day is normal, however, if it is more than that; it becomes an issue which may be caused by multiple factors including dry scalp.

Hair Breakage: Over a period due to hair abuse by repeated styling and treatments, hair becomes dry and brittle making it extremely fragile and prone to breakage.

Grey Hair: One of the major concerns for hair is greying which is the result of reduced melanin in the scalp and hair shaft. This could be age-related or due to hair abuse.

Dry Hair: The number of treatments like bleaching, perming or over-exposure to the sun, wind, salt or chlorine-filled water, makes hair dull and brittle and dry.

Oily Hair: Sometimes there is a build-up of products on the scalp which in turn make the sebaceous glands become over productive and result in greasy and limp hair.

Frizzy Hair: When the cuticle is exposed due to dryness, damage, etc and the outermost layer soaks in moisture, hair becomes frizzy and unmanageable.

Dandruff: As the scary becomes dry, the sebaceous glands overproduce and hair follicles get blocked causing dry skin of the scalp to peel.

Split Ends: When the hair shaft splits into multiples due to hair treatments, sun exposure, etc and causes it to become weak and flaky.

Well, I did suffer from all of these issues one time or another and always turned to the age-old formula of oiling my hair. The benefits of oiling cannot be stressed enough, from reviving lifeless tresses, to mending damaged ends to even stress relief. However, the most important benefit of oiling is that it strengthens the hair by increasing the tensile strength of the hair thereby preventing hair fall and hair breakage. This enables to stimulate hair growth while hydrating and nourishing it from within, preventing dullness, dryness and frizziness.

So the next important and relevant question in your mind will be ‘Which hair oil should I use?’. The simple answer to that is, ‘Since each oil has a unique blend of benefits, pick what concern areas you need to tackle’. But why pick one when you can pick all of them with Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil.

Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil is a highly effective combination of ‘herbs of choice’ including sesame, trifla, bhringraj, neelibhringadi and mahamohi. The oil is perfect for treating hair loss while promoting hair growth via stimulating the hair follicle and restoring the health of hair and scalp. Gentle massaging the oil onto the scalp increases circulation with more blood flow to the hair follicle controlling moisture and preventing dryness. The oil also protects from harmful UV rays and shield hair from pollution, chemical and undesired elements. Additionally, the mix of herbs has powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which make it possible to treat dandruff, lice and scalp flakiness. The regular use of Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil prevents premature greying of hair, treats split ends and maintains the strength and health of hair.

I’ve picked Nature Sure™ Hair Growth Oil for hair that looks visibly healthier, thicker and shinier, my picture-perfect hair!

Until next time,
~ Heena

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