Flab to Fab, Shapewear 101

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The mantra for feeling beautiful is to actually love yourself first; no matter how you look. However if you do like what you see int he mirror, with a little bit of what if’s, you can take help of fashions biggest invention - the shapewear.

A good shape wear helps contour your body to give it a good shape to hid the little inconsistencies to give you a brilliant look. Similar to what makeup does to your face, a feelingirldress.com shapewear does to your body. There are a lot of products out there which may confuse you and so I’ve curated a list of three main products you should invest in to help you flaunt your curves.

Body Shaper
The most popular Shapewear that women first try is the best body shaper that is intended to trip the hip and waist areas giving a toned and firm look.

High Waister
Another very common shapewear is the high waister shorts that are designed for everyday use that guarantee a smooth line through the torso.

Body Suit
The most effective shapewear that all women swear by is the best shapewear bodysuit as it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, minimising parts of the baby that look out of order.

Butt Enhancer
A not so common shapewear type, the butt enhancer not only masks the flag around the stomach and but also  tones the thighs, to ensure the derrière looks smashing in any dress.

Thigh Slimmer
The least popular of the lot, the thigh slimmer works just like the high waister that perfectly clinches the thighs to achieve a slim thigh look.

Now that you know the 5 types of shapewear you need to invest in, make sure you know which fit you want to opt for too. Shapewear can vary from really light to very firm fits, based on its built and the control you choose.

» Light allows for smoothness and shaping without much binding
» Moderate allows for a more elasticized fit due to the light control panels
» Firm allows a tight fit due to the non-stretch control panels
» Extra Firm allows a smug supportive fit with reinforced metal boning panels

Last but not the least, shapewear is not designed for everyday, 24*7 use, so wear it wisely.

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~ Nithya

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