Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Posted On 4/09/2013 by Team iCynosure.

Day Out with #PrincessHeer, iCynosure

With the advent of the Indian summer, everyone prefers to stay indoors in the comfort of their air-conditioned homes sipping some iced tea and watching television. 

Day Out with #PrincessHeer, iCynosure

My little #PrincessHeer is a bundle of immense energy and wants to do new things every day. So yesterday we headed to the nearby garden all dressed to beat the summer heat armed with sandwiches, orange juice and a basket full of toys. 

Day Out with #PrincessHeer, iCynosure

None of the toys left the basket and nor were any of the snack items touched. Thoroughly enjoyed the outing and work is being scheduled around such outings. Have to put important things first, parenting.

Day Out with #PrincessHeer, iCynosure

Top: Topshop  UK - Pants:Globus - Flats: Inc 5 - Tote: DKNY 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
Bracelet48craft.com - Watch: Titan - On my lips: Lakme Lip Lush - On my nails: Bio Sculpture

Top: Gini and Jony - Pants: Lilliput - Cap and Socks: Mother Care

Until More Fun In The Sun,
- Heena 


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