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I remember my promise about sharing my #RannUtsav travel pictures with you in my last post. So let begin the series.

We began our journey a little after 9:00 am to head towards Kalo Dungar which is about 90 kms from Bhuj. Since we were driving our own vehicle, we were free to alter our routes as and when we liked. However, there are loads of private operators who offer the tourist travel services. On the said day we planned to visit Kalo Dungar and the India Bridge and then head straight back to the traditional homestay to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Armed with Google Maps, the route was well laid out on the iPad and we enjoyed the scenic beauty instead of worrying about the routes. On our arrival at Khavda, we applied for the White Rann permit and headed further. We had already acquired the permit for the India Bridge in Bhuj, a day earlier so we could go as close to the Indo-Park Border as possible. 

As we travelled ahead towards the India Bridge, it felt quite eerie as we moved ahead after the permit check when a lot of vehicles we denied entry for the lack of the permit. The road is extremely well kept by the army and well maintained. 

On our way to the Kalo Dungar, we had to return for about 16-18 kilometres before turning left that took us through a village and opened into a hilly track with serpentine curves to take us to the very famous Dattatreya Temple on the hilltop. The drive is not for the faint-hearted with narrow, steep paths, lowly hanging cliffs, angular steep inclines and sharp turns that make the drive extremely dangerous and only for a very experienced. 

Kalo Dungar or Black Hill is famous for its multiple mythological stories, including the one of Lord Dattatreya and the wild Jackals, who are fed on the hill for over 400 years at one particular spot. It is believed that when Dattatreya was passing through the hill, he found a band of starving jackals and offered them his body to eat, which continually regenerated itself. Thus keeping the legend alive the priest offer prasad cooked of rice to the jackals every evening after the aarti.

The Kalo Dungar is the only place in the entire Kutch region that offers a panoramic view of the Great Rann of Kutch. The hillock enjoys a healthy mix of local and tourist visitors either for the breathtaking views or the devotion towards the temple.  

The day we decided to visit the Kalo Dungar, I decided to keep my outfit simple and casual that offers a lot of comfort and yet is stylish. So I went to my favourite Madame Fashions distressed jeans and paired with a statement T-shirt from Green Rock Store. You must surely check them out for their amazing collection of statement and graphic t-shirts

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