Unapologetic, That’s My Style

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Unapologetic, That’s My Style

My mother is spectacular with her lion’s mane hair and sea green eyes; she is the cynosure of all eyes everywhere she goes. Whatever she wears, I will always I my mind’s eye see her in a pink georgette saree that she wore at my graduation. No one looked anywhere else but at her. Her style is immaculate. 

It’s from my mother I inherited my sense of style while adding my own twist to it. Altering between ‘classic, preppy and simple’ and ‘over the top girly’, my two personal styles are perfect to bounce each other off. 

One thing I do is wear outfits that I think are polished enough to have lunch even with Princess Gayatri Devi when I really feel like dressing up. During my dressing down mood days I opt for long tops and tunics with leggings to cool off. Distressed and Bohomanian are styles I really don’t care for or am not mentally fit to flaunt. Early on I realized whether classic, girly or chic, for me it has been all about dresses, tunics and skirts. One will hardly find me in formal pants or jeans unless it’s the need of the hour. Dresses styled with either scarves or leggings are very staple for me and have become more or less my signature look. 

Since style is more about evolving each day, sometimes my signature look takes a back seat as I experiment with different pieces and colours to create unique looks that agree with my persona. Sometimes I do compromise on comfort a little bit to ensure the style symphony, especially in the footwear department. No matter what I’m wearing … monochrome, whites, blacks or pastels, I ensure that there is an element of colour pop in my look. Either a cocktail ring makes itself felt on my finger or a colour blocked handbag accentuates the outfit. 

Unknowing over the years I’ve been so drawn to turquoise that it’s found a way into every corner of my wardrobe. From footwear to accessories and of course a lot of clothing, turquoise is dominating my style. I didn’t realise my obsession with the colour until I was made the butt of colour jokes by friends. But still that didn’t deter me from my colour fixation as I know what I like to wear and I’m never afraid to dress that way. 

Now social media is only a swipe away and navigating takes one from current trend to trend, it is easy to get influenced by what you see and follow blindly. The entire experience can become overwhelming especially when you still haven’t realised and defined your own style. However having said that social media can also be a helping hand I disguise as it offers many avenues to discover new things and dabble in numerous fashion trends before finally finding your style. 

Just the way social media has helped me understand that ‘an all-white’ ensemble or ‘a bodycon’ doesn’t work for me. It has also encouraged me to acknowledge that style is about embracing new trends after tweaking them in a way that they suit you and not vice versa. 

Today I am not afraid to try new things but whatever I do I never lose sight of the girl within and the girl smiling back at me in the mirror. 

And you, does she smile back at you?
~ Heena

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