A Life I Dream Of... #BefikarUmarBhar

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A Life I Dream Of... #BefikarUmarBhar With IDBI

How would you spend your time if you had not a shred of worry in this world?  Really how? My answer to that would be, “Actually like someone who has no worries in the world.” Who would that be?

I looked around, and saw that everyone was worried or stressed about something or the other. And I resigned to the fact that no one in this world is Befikar. Forget being #BefikarUmarBhar, people are not even befikar for a few seconds. And that was it… 

Until I saw.....

#PrincessHeer walk across the room. 

I smiled thinking, yes to live Befikar you have to live like a child. And to be just that you should do everything that a child does so beautifully… 

If I Am BefikarUmarBhar I’d Live The Life I’ve Always Dreamt Of… 

Spend Time With People I Love
The first thing I’d do is spend quality time with people I love; be it my family or my friends or even my neighbours. Every day of my life I miss small moments that give me immense pleasure that I want back in my ‘Perfect Life’. Hugging my daughter more than ever, exchanging sweet nothings with my hubby, arguing with my siblings, talking to both set of parents, partying with my friends or gossiping with my neighbours; I want to do all of this as much as I can. 

Laugh My Head Off
The last time I really laughed out loud was a long time ago. Now I want to sit watch cartoons with my little one and laugh out like no-one’s watching. What with a bucket of popcorn and some orange juice to sip on to create that perfect pajama party to sit back and relax. 

Learn Something New Everyday
After a point in our lives we believe that whatever we know is enough for us to sail through life. But who wants to really sail through? I want to take life head-on and emerge a winner every day. So what better to learn a new skill, a new something every day? I’d love to learn to paint, learn to ride a bicycle or even learn a new language as and when time permits. But yes keep learning for sure so that every day I realize my true potential and emerge a better person. 

Experiment More
Just as my little one experiments with loads of things each day, I would love to do that as well. Try new cuisines, play new toys, make new acquaintances, read different books and much more. Everything that an adult does on a daily basis is set over a period of time and then one is so comfortable doing those things you never want to try something different unless pushed. So yes I would love to experiment with everything everyday a little bit more. 

Travel Around The World
Just like a child would insist I want to go ‘there’ today, I want to insist that I want to travel around the world. Not like over a period of a few years, but travel to each and every country on the world map one after the other. Travel building on experiences to cherish on for the rest of your life. Why hold any bars? Travel around with a few perks like air jets, luxury yachts; live in presidential suites and experience the best each place has to offer.  

Only if wishes were horses…. But unless you dream you will not work to achieve it. 

Dream Away,
~ Heena

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