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Use Quikr For Car Purchase and Sale

“It’s high time, let’s give up the bike and go for a car” my husband said. 

Of course I couldn’t agree more. After all a baby was on the way and protection and safety was all we thought about.Gone were the days when we would just hop on a bike and zoom around the city, we needed something much more safe, some more secure and a lot more comfortable. That’s when my dad sent us over his car. 

We were elated. However the joy didn’t last long with the outdated model giving us trouble everyday. Thus we were back to square one. Thank when Hubby struck gold with trying out Quikr NXT! We finally decided to upgrade our transportation mode using Quikr NXT. 

Here is a step-by-step process of how we got our caaaaaaaaaarrrr:

Create An Advert
The first thing to do is to create an advert for what you want. Select your city, detail your needs, choose options and create that free alert advert to stay updated with available options and those new adverts that fit your needs via the QuikrNXT app. We first selected our own city as it would be extremely difficult to transport a vehicle from one city to another if we found it otherwise. The we went on to select our preferred car models and the year of manufacturing as we didn’t want a very mature car. 

Identify Options And Negotiate
If you want to maintain privacy, hide your contact details and interact with sellers using the QuikrNXT app, where sharing information, negotiating prices, viewing images and much more is done at the click of a button. Also with the Chat History available, it becomes easier to compare available products and draw parallels between details and asking price. We identified about eight sellers and found out as much information as we could about the vehicle from each of them. Some fit a particular need, while another; a different one. Instead of being disappointed we kept looking to identify the hierarchy of needs to come to a better conclusion. 

Finalising Options
Once you have all the important details about the car; year of purchase, last serviced, total kilometers travelled, insurance, registration details, etc you can finally narrow down your search from the many to a select few. We narrowed down our search to three to ensure that if there is an issue with a particular choice we have a back-up plan.

Inspection And Purchase
After narrowing options to a few, go about to inspect the car and see the papers before striking the deal. It is a good idea; if the seller agrees to do a trial run with your choice as something it may suit your needs but not your lifestyle. When we set out to inspect the vehicles we finalized, we realized one vehicle was missing a couple of papers and thus we opted for the one which we fully were happy with. 

So this is the deal; find – ask – negotiate – inspect – buy, all through QuikrNXT. 

So true to their tagline - No Fikar, Chat Quikr! 
~ Heena

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