Learning Life Lessons From A Little One

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Learning Life Lessons From A Little One with HDFC Life
Every relationship in life teaches you something, some for the good and some for the not good. Picking up skills and polishing talents becomes an extended version yourself and the main aim in life in to become the Superwoman in everything you do. 

Slowly and steadily you try to get better each day with each experience. But you are never ready for something that is relatively new; being a mother. From the first moment you hold your baby in your arms you want to be a ‘SuperMom’. That’s the pressure the society has already put on your shoulders since the last few months. 

When my baby was born, I experienced new things everyday – things that I had never experienced nor had any idea about. I was scary. I wanted to be the best to be able to do the best for my little one in every little gesture, every little task I did to protect her forever. I pushed myself off the limits, I cursed under my breathe, I punished myself when I didn’t meet my set exorbitant standards. I was going in sane. 

It was over a year, when my little one just began speaking and expressing with her actions that she taught me a very precious lesson. Instead of walking up to someone who I thought was a SuperMom, she walked up straight into my arms grinning away sheepishly to give me a bear hug and mumbling something that I think was ‘I Love You Momma’. 

My daughter taught me that she doesn’t need a supermom; she just needs me – her mom. A gorgeous little princess who was still learning to walk without support helped me through one of the toughest phases of my life… She taught me to be me, embrace my short-comings and flaws and live your life to the fullest. Being a mother, #MyFamilyMyPride my daughter has taught me a zillion things to be a better person… 

Unconditional Love 
There is never a moment today that I would think of anyone else before my little one. She has brought out in me love that I never thought existed; the unconditional sort. Every moment I make sure that her needs, her wants and she is put before everything and everyone, even myself. My life is no more my own, it is my little ones. 

Power of Prayers
After a lot of heartbreaks and devastations, my daughter came along and restored my faith in the divine powers. Not knowing life, taking it for granted and merely going through it without realizing how precious and gorgeous it can be, every minute has changed. My little one has helped me connect with God and given me loads of opportunities to say Thank You. 

Selflessness and Patience
Walking up at odd hours in the night for diaper changes, for feeds and to comfort a crying baby is never taught at the parenting class. It is something you learn on the job. Rocking your crying child to sleep in the middle of the night every day, numerous times teaches you selflessness and patience. 

Being a mother makes you realize what others in similar situations go through. I try to more understanding towards other moms who are working moms or single moms or those women who are expecting. Not only them, but my respect and love for my mother has increased three-fold, for she had to put-up with a brat like me. Last but not the least I respect my husband more and more each day as he has guided and helped me through an amazing journey with patience, love and understanding. 

Who says a child cannot teach you important things in life? My little one has taught me some of the most important things in life and guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person.

Has your child taught you something special? 
~ Heena

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