Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Posted On February 10, 2015 by Team iCynosure.

Ever since I was a little girl, the most powerful presence I felt in my life has been that of my dad. My mother narrates numerous stories about him that has left me in awe of him. Of the zillion memories that I share with him; one stands out clear and tall… 

It was an exciting moment in my life, the farewell party celebrated in school just before the Grade 10 board exams. It was a wonderful period in my schooling life…. having a blast with friends with compulsory lunches, extra classes and study sleepovers.

Luckily mom understood what it meant to me… and was completely supportive. We went berserk shopping for clothes, shoes, purses. On the afternoon of the party, just before I was to get ready my dad gave me a gift and said I had to use it for the party. I un-wrapped the gift praying it should not be a dress or a pair of sandals as I had already decided what I wanted to wear. Opening it, I saw a beautiful make-up kit and screamed with pleasure.

My mother helped me get ready for the party and when I was to leave with my friends; my dad came to my room. He said, 'I need to hire a few royal guards for you…my gorgeous little princess….You look so angelic that the angels will want to hide.'

Such beautiful words made the occasion more special than ever. 

And then after almost 10 years he complimented me again with those same very special words, on my wedding day just as I entered for the Jaimala ceremony. My Dad, a #GreatDad. 

Of all the men I know, I see the same qualities reflect in another man, my husband. And since I am older enough to understand I realise that to change your life drastically for another human being takes great courage and patience. This comes only when a man becomes a DAD. 

Over the last three years, every day I see a brighter side of the man I never thought would change his lifestyle. Where I failed miserably, a little princess just looked at him and he was another man. The below versus sums up the changes beautifully….

From the man who woke up to watch the news; 
To the man who rocks her to sleep with tiny dews.
From the man who played tennis on weekends;
To the man who plays doll games on the toy beds.

From the man who loved international food;
To the man who shares khichadi that’s so good.
From the man who clubbed and partied all night;
To the man who runs around gardens oh so bright.

From the man who wanted everything white;
To the man who adds rainbow colors to her life.
From the man who was just a Man;
To the Man who now is a #GreatDad. 


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