Monday, December 26, 2016

Posted On December 26, 2016 by Team iCynosure.

Every Year on the eve of New Year most of us tend to make numerous resolutions of what we should be doing to make the New Year count. However at iCynosure we realise how every year, every other person we’ve met has never been able to keep their resolutions. So where did this idea really come from? 

According to Wonderopolis, “The tradition of New Year’s resolutions dates back to 153 B.C. when the Romans realised that the mythical two faced god ‘Janus’ — with a face forward and a face backword symbolised the reflecting the past and looking forward to the future as a mark of making promises for a better future and forgiving past mistakes. The Romans believed Janus could forgive them for their wrongdoings as they promised to be better in the future. And thus the idea resolutions was born.’ 

Anyways, at iCynosure we have realised that resolutions just like rules are meant to be broken and hence this year we refrain from making any. However if you are one of those people who want to make resolutions, stay clear of the ones listed below... 

Wake Up Early
For an insomniac like me, who refuses to sleep at night and cannot make it to witness the sunrise in the wee hours of the morning, this is the resolution I used to make every year and fail to fulfil. 

Excerise and Improve Health 
Whether it’s joining the gym or a zumba class; I’ve tried this year-on-year only wasting money. This year is the one that says hell with wanting to be a fitness freak and enjoying life as it comes.

Transformation Myself
Promising to be a better version of myself, making up for the all the follies I’ve committed in the year, etc. etc. Hello I’m actually pretty awesome and already the best I can be. Who can improve perfection?

Take A Digital Detox 
Last year one of the most prominent resolutions I made was to switch off. However considering my work which is largely social media driven it was to fail right from the start and it failed within a few hours. 

Start Keeping A Journal 
How silly was it for me to make a resolution as such? Isn’t my blog a way of expressing myself through my writings? So the beautiful notebook that I purchased to pen my journal is still sitting pretty in my book case. 

Multi-Task With Finesse
Go mad doing 10 things at the same time and be frustrated to world’s end. I’ve multi-tasked a lot and am very good with it too. However if you ask me, I’d prefer to live in the moment, concentrate on what’s at hand and then move on to the next task. 

Learn Something New Everyday
Like really? Every day! What all can you bundle in a year to ensure you keep this resolution?  It will ensure you are adequately stressed every single day and feel wasted. 

Complete the Incomplete
When I see something that has remained incomplete for a while I know that the reason to it is basically it doesn’t merit to be completed. So if I abandoned it midway after careful considerations, I don’t believe it is worth a second shot at. 

Let go of Grudges 
As much as I like to believe I am capable of complete forgiveness, let’s be honest I’m not and so are most of us. And as letting go isn’t possible, I personally steer clear when the situation arises or better stay away from the endless cycle. 

Stop Making New Year Resolution 
Hahaha, really! What fun would it be to actually sit out and be the person who can keep that resolution? And who doesn’t really make any resolutions for the New Year? 

What about you? Made any resolutions and broke them instantly? 

Let me know which is the one resolution you are absolutely sure not to make this new year. 
- Heena


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