A Rendezvous Of Gold And Diamonds

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Jewellery is a matter of personal choice, however, for me, it will always remain a symbol of love. #JewelMe does ring true when the first move towards commitment says, ‘Let’s Put a Ring on it’. And with the holiday season around the corner, there would be many promises and a little help to seal the deal with the right jewellery will be perfect. 

Diamond jewellery still rules the roost but it sure can be a costly affair; unless you really know how to buy diamond jewellery online instead of a waddle through numerous stores and boutiques. 

Pick Gold over Platinum 
The ground rule of colour is striking contrast and what better than sunshine golden hues of Gold than dull aching silvery Platinum. Also, Gold offers an additional benefit of price comparison and serves as an investment piece. 

Pick Clarity over Grade
There has been a lot of unnecessary hype about the grade and carat of diamonds, which to be honest is invisible to the eye. Opt for a diamond that looks great within the setting, is clear and tugs at your heartstrings. 

Pick Quantity over Quality
The cluster of minute diamonds over a huge rock is what to opt for; for it not only will be more pocket-friendly but also be available in numerous design options. A single huge rock after a point in time will lose its charm.

Pick Options over Selection
The advancement of technology and retail business has offered consumers an opportunity to buy diamond jewellery online in India and the biggest plus of this is the numerous options consumers can browse through before making the final selection.

So what’s stopping you, get online and browse through some of the most alluring online stores, just like I’m currently looking at some gorgeous Men’s Rings at #AlapattDiamonds.

- Heena

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