Launder Winter Clothes Effortlessly With A Modern-Day Dhobi

on December 14, 2016 / by

The best thing about the winter season is flaunting some cute and comfy winter outfits and feeling all cuddly and warm. But when it comes to maintaining them, it becomes a very daunting task. Washing them is not the easiest thing to do and even the cleaning and drying clothes takes a lot of time and energy. With some clothes that cannot be washed in a washing machine and requires manual intervention, it becomes worst.

Even with winter clothes that are allowed the tumble wash in the washing machines, we are still faced with the mammoth task of drying them. However most of us may think that surely there are washing machines that come with dryers, however going by past experience one cannot completely rely on them.

Trust me, it does not end there. The most difficult part is yet to come, folding the clothes in a systematic manner. I know so many people who absolutely hate this task. I agree with the fact that it is one of the most boring tasks and moreover, most of us can’t even do it right.

So what can be the right solution?

Well, the simple and straight-forward answer is outsourcing the laundry to the modern-day dhobiwalas.

LaundroKart is one such laundry app that one can try and be satisfied with the service; with experience. Be it your most expensive leather jacket to a simple woollen sweater, LaundroKart takes care of each of them. The USP of LaundroKart is that they carry away your dirty clothes and turn them in as good as new and super fresh; at a very reasonable price. Not only does the service cleans your clothes but also gives you expert advice on how to take care of them. The brand offers perfect laundry service, from dry cleaning to drying, folding and packing. Click here to know all about LaundroKart that does everything making it one of its kinds.

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