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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Posted On December 01, 2016 by Team iCynosure.

My gorgeous little one was to turn FIVE on the 18th of November and I was looking forward to celebrating the day with her all dressed up in a beautiful gown, true princess style. I expected her to want a Barbie themed party or even Sofia the First; however to my surprise she looked at me while watching Disney and chose PJ Masks. I thought the sweet little babe of mine would forget all about it the next day; but she got talking about the décor, costume and much more. 

She seemed obsessed with PJ Masks, especially Owlette a red-eyed girl who transforms into an Owl wearing a red costume with cape-like wings and moves around in an Owl Glider. I smiled and got working. What I didn’t realise was that PJ Masks stuff is hard to come by, they have no decorations or toys, not even at the Disney Store or any other place in a city like Mumbai. So huge preparations began amidst the chaos for my little Owlette! As it’s a new show, I hardly know anything about it, but #PrincessHeer filled me in completely. We got creative, worked with what we had available and called on a few favours from friends. 

We found a local costume shop willing to make a costume in 3 days, and then I called upon a friend based in the US to send us the figurines for the cake and the Owlette mask. A dear friend Ruchika who is a home baker at ChocoRika, agreed to make the cake as per the birthday girl’s suggestions n requests. No soon this was confirmed, we sent out the invites. For the décor we stuck with the blue, green and red theme to represent Catboy, Owlette and Gecko with balloons, character cut-outs and streamers. We printed and cut-out a ton of wristbands and punch gloves for all the kids to wear. The food was managed by the restobar Brass Monkey and they did a fine job of it; while the pictures were taken by Rutik Shah. 

I insisted that she change into a dress for the cake-cutting and she readily agreed. All in all the party turned out to be great, mind you the post is image heavy. 

What do you think? Did we do well?

- Heena


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