Christmas Gifts Every New Mom Will Love And Want!

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Being a new mom comes with a plethora of experiences and emotions. Around-the-clock feeding, new moments to click every day, sleepless nights, one-handed eating, speaking toddler gibberish, and loving someone more than you thought yourself to be capable of, motherhood is one bumpy, joyful ride.

Let’s make this ride a little more special for new moms by gifting them Christmas goodies that will bring a big smile on their faces, and some relief in their tired and topsy-turvy lives. Here are a few ideas:

Make-Up Makes a Wonderful Gift 
Looking good, and dressing up can surely lift one’s spirit. But, this can be a difficult feat to achieve for new mothers. Who has time to carefully apply mascara, when all you have is five minutes to prevent your crying toddler from rolling off the bed and simultaneously get dressed? Make looking good more possible for new mothers by gifting them quick-to-apply cosmetics, like some luminescent powder (it eliminates the need for any foundation) that she can dab on while holding her baby in one hand. Mineral-based eye shadow can literally be applied in a jiffy, and are perfect to bring some sparkle and energy to sleep-deprived eyes. You can put together a basket comprising make-up necessities like eye shadow, powder and the mandatory red lipstick (the ultimate pick-me-up). To make it even more special, throw in a few essential oils, and decadent-smelling sugar scrubs to soothe the post-pregnancy itchiness that many women experience. She may not be able to use these daily, but she can escape in her own home-spa when the baby naps. She will be very grateful to you for being so thoughtful. 
Strollers and Prams Are Practical and Thoughtful
New parents need to create a tiny world for their new-born. Prams and strollers make meaningful gifts for new moms. All new mothers take their tiny tots out in their prams and strollers. They make for thoughtful gifts not just for the kid, but also for the mother, who will get her much deserved outdoor break while strolling her baby. 

Pile on the Pyjamas
Just like the rest of the world craves comfort food, new moms hanker for comfort clothes, and nothing quite defines comfort like pyjamas. Also, chances are, new moms will pretty much be in their pyjamas for the first few months after their delivery because of all the feeding, nappy changing, and sleeplessness. So, gift these superhuman beings some pampering with the cutest pyjamas you can lay your hands on. 

Food Baskets and Health Food Will Always Make Her Happy
It is not easy to cook when you are a full-time mother. At times, even microwaving a pre-cooked meal can feel like the toughest chore, especially when your partner is not around. So, gifting healthy snacks that a new mom can easily munch on when hunger pangs strike is a great idea. Chocolate bars, small bags of almonds, gourmet energy-snacks like Granola bars, and tangy roasted chickpeas are a few things that new mums can eat while they are on their feet for their babies. Also, if you can whip up a delicious and healthy snack for the new mum, please do it. There’s nothing like home-cooked food for them, and because of their hectic schedule, it makes for a gift they will always cherish.
Comfy and Fun Footwear for Those Tired Feet
With all the sitting, standing, walking and even swaying to put the baby to sleep, new moms find their feet getting tired. Having soft, plush footwear can be a real comfort in such circumstances. It will keep the new mom’s feet warm during the midnight potty calls and the 5-AM feeds. So, if you are contemplating cosy and cute slippers for the new mom, you are definitely in the right direction. 
Style-Meets-Sense Clothing Options
Not all of us can look glamorous throughout pregnancy and beyond. Post-delivery dressing is tough, and keeping up with trends can be difficult for even the most energetic new mothers. Gift them pieces that are versatile, sensible and stylish. Think clothing items that can be worn in a jiffy and are figure-flattering. Yoga pants and leggings are perfect for lounging at home, running around after the kids, or just taking them for a stroll. Do some research and come up with fancy leggings and yoga pants that make her look stylish and put-together without spending too much time. Invest in trendy leggings and sweatshirts that are comfortable and made of soft of material. Even if they are priced on the higher side, they will be a fine purchase, simply for the convenience and the comfort they will provide. 
Keepsakes to Treasure Special Moments
Motherhood is considered one of the most special and treasured time of a woman’s life. She can never have enough keepsakes of this precious time. Give her an engraved necklace that reads ‘mom,’ a mug that says ‘best mom in the world’ or digital photo frames, where pictures of her and her baby play in a slideshow. Keepsakes like The-Day-You-Were-Born Box to remind the parents of their child’s birth, paper culture kubelets, or a baby-mommy trunk box to preserve moments and memories from that day are all good gifting options.
Get Her Some Help
It can be truly overwhelming to be a new mother and run a home simultaneously. However, if you can go over to her house and help her with cleaning and doing the dishes, it will be a great gift for her. If that is not possible, send her help for a few days or a week, so that she can relax a while and catch a break. You can make it even more special by gifting her a spa voucher or a foot-massage therapy, just something that pampers the woman in her. 
So, here’s our list of the most amazing gifts you can present a new mom this Christmas. I hope these ideas are helpful and you will make Christmas even more special for a new mother with your thoughtful gift. If you have other suggestions or ideas for gifting new moms, do mention them in the comments section. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Gifting!

Author’s Bio: Korie Cantor is a writer who writes about living and lifestyle. She possesses a great sense of style and loves to share her thoughts about fashion and it’s latest trends.

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