In Conversation With Vidhi Shah Of B:kind Clothing

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My collaboration with B:kind Clothing has been a surprising one. After chancing upon the brand during one of my visits to the shopping centre; introducing the brand to you wonderful readers and styling their gorgeous sheer shirt-top on my trip to Kerala, I had an opportunity to speak with Vidhi Shah, the creative head behind the brand.

In Conversation With Vidhi Shah Of B:kind Clothing

A beautiful vivacious woman, full of fun and wit. Here are the highlights from our conversation.

In Conversation With Vidhi Shah Of B:kind Clothing
iCynosure: Everyone has to start somewhere. Where and how did you start and what did you do? 
Vidhi Shah: My first job was a basic one behind the scenes 'work experience' at the Lakme Fashion Week in 2006. In the year 2007, I started working with the family business M-Square Clothing that offers substantial fashion and branded products in the local market ensuring better value proposition. I started as a part-time designer and also helped with the marketing and distribution of the company. 

iCynosureHow do you think your education has prepared you to work in fashion?
Vidhi ShahTechnical knowledge is very important and it is very important to have a good foundation in all aspects of the business. Education has helped with creating that foundation and prepared me not only to express my creativity through designs but also make B:kind a viable business. 

iCynosureWhat is it like working for yourself?
Vidhi ShahIt is great working for yourself. It is hard to switch off even after work and you are constantly inventing and researching. There are no working hours when you are an entrepreneur and I have signed up for it and I love it. 

iCynosureWho is your most influential fashion designer? 
Vidhi Shah:  I like to follow fashion brands as opposed to designers. I think they have a story to tell and have a very strong characters which they follow season after season. For e.g. Adolofo Dominguez is one of favourites.

iCynosureWhat is the one thing you don’t like about fashion?
Vidhi ShahCan't say there is anything I don’t like…I love fashion and I am in the business because of the passion I have for it. 

iCynosureHow do you balance creativity with commerce?
Vidhi ShahThere are many things you can’t do when you are looking at the larger picture. It’s not always possible to just express yourself without understanding what your customer relate to. In the business conflict always arises between creativity and viability. B:kind is a brand all about keeping it creative yet practical and affordable. 

iCynosureWhat are the trends you don’t want to see anyone flaunt anymore?
Vidhi ShahI have always disliked the stone wash and acid wash trend and don’t really want to see it...not designed..Not worn.

iCynosureWhat’s the one thing about a design that would definitely catch your eye?
Vidhi ShahWhat impresses me most about a design is its versatility and how it can be styled and worn in many different ways and how it looks different each time. 

Rapid Fire: 
Less or More: More
Massive Tote or Small Clutch: Massive Tote
Floral or Stripes: Floral
Peplums or Crop Tops: Crop Tops
Leather Jacket or Wool Overcoat: Leather Jacket
Treggings or Printed Pajama Pants: Treggings
Jewellery or Watch: Watch
Fashion or Style: Style

Vidhi has been so elated with the response she has received from readers at iCynosure. Stay tuned for a surprise.
~ Heena

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