5 Essential Bags Every Woman Must Own

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Once you clock the outfits for this festive season, then go hunting for amazing accessories. And sometimes just browsing around gets you to the best places on the internet. One such amazing online store I chanced upon is Tidebuy.
5 Must Have HandBags Every Woman Must Own
Stocked with everything that a woman needs and more; there is so much I would love to have that I spent over an hour looking through various sections. I especially loved the accessories, footwear and clothing; from the numerous sections. The best part is that the online store has numerous offers and sales going on from time to time, with a special section dedicated to it.  

When I thought about profiling the online store and introducing it to all you lovely readers I was in two minds whether to write about their amazing range of products or showcasing one section to highlight the store’s versatility and an array of pieces. The thing that stood out was the amazing collection in each section.

Everyone who has visited this blog a few times will swear by; my love for handbags and thus I couldn’t let this opportunity pass. Not only are various types of handbags a must in every woman’s wardrobe but also there are the mandatory essential items that every woman must have in her handbag. So I’m bringing to you 5 Essential Bags Every Woman Must Own. 
5 Must Have HandBags Every Woman Must Own
Solid Color Flap Pocket Tote Bag                                          Graceful Croco Bag
A tote is an everyday go-to bag; a workhorse. Practical and large enough to hold a woman’s world in it, it is by far the most important bag that one can have in the handbag arsenal. From going to the office to in-cabin travel to semi-formal gatherings they are the smartest bags ever. It is best to invest in a good tote everyday purse, that fits all essentials while being comfortable to carry around and preferably a colour that would complement the wardrobe choices.

Trade your bulky everyday handbag for a lighter stylish crossbody. It’s fun and carefree whether you wear it over your shoulder or cross it across your trunk. Perfect for a day out with friends or your crazy shopping trips, the crossbody is handy and convenient.

5 Must Have HandBags Every Woman Must Own
Vogue Candy Color Bag                                    Auspicious Retro Large Bag
Known as a schoolgirl or a postman bag, the satchel is a perfect bag for any time. It gives a clean and lean look to the entire silhouette. A nice colourful satchel with adjustable straps is the best, especially if you find on in leather.

5 Must Have HandBags Every Woman Must Own
Rivet Chain Bag                                                            Fabulous Chain Bag
As compared to a Satchel, a Baguette is a small sized bread-loaf kind of a bag. With short thin straps, sling it over your shoulder or squeeze it under your armpit. A baguette is very feminine and classic. However opt for a fun baguette and let it steal the show.

Many outings do not require a big handbag, that’s the time a clutch becomes a perfect companion. It’s perfect to flaunt a clutch that houses all your must-haves in a minimalist way. There are a zillion options out there, but make sure to first pick a day clutch in a neutral colour and then a night clutch that doubles up as a statement accessory.

Yes, I know this post is about the 5 Essential Bags Every Woman Must Own, but I want to add one more to the handbag closet, cause a closet will never be complete without a backpack, and Tidebuy has an amazing collection of backpacks.

5 Must Have HandBags Every Woman Must Own
Multi Color Leather Backpack                                  Scalloped Solid Backpack
Many would say it is an unnecessary spend for most women but think. The backpack is the most reliable handbag option, making travelling an absolute breeze while carrying many things around. From carrying your routine everyday essentials to including a laptop, a back-pack is a perfect hands-free carry-on. Get a statement piece and rock it like a diva.

These are just a few hand-picked bags that I simply loved from TideBuy. You must check the online store for clothes, accessories, footwear, beauty products and much more.
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So what are you waiting for? Head over to the site and pick your favourites.
~ Heena

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