Become A Super Hero With A Smartphone

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Moto E Smartphone Review

I have always wanted superpowers because when I need some magic in my life I cannot find any. I realise I may never be able to jump off buildings, fly over the oceans, reverse the time, or even someday save the world. Why? Because I have no spider webs or magical wands or supernatural gadgets that will help me save myself, forget about saving the world.

So when a brand offered a gadget that would have the super-powers of the world to make life so much easier, everyone jumped on the bandwagon to claim their hand-full of miracle portion. That portion was a smartphone. However, not everyone is happy with their share of magic-potion and my very first smartphone experience described in three phrases would be…. 

Expensive To Get It,
Exhausting To Use It,
Disastrous To Live With It!

My first smartphone experience wasn’t all that great. After paying a bomb to get my hands on it I realised though it’s great in itself it was full of irritating iOS superbugs and lacked in android based smartphone features. It was like a giant elephant that was weighing me down, just a showstopper outfit that has all the looks but no actual use. But since I was a proud owner of the masterpiece I kept using it and I realised what exceptional features my ideal smartphone has to have for me to #ChooseToStart my happy smartphone journey … 

Looks Great Feels Good
I always am on a lookout for a smartphone that suits my day-to-day style and yet has an ability to transform within seconds into a completely new avatar. Apart from that, I would love the fact that it does what it’s designed for. Two birds in the bush, isn’t it?  

Execute At The Flick Of A Finger
Remember the phrase ‘Dance to my tune’. Yes, I want a smartphone that would understand what I need at a flick of a finger or wrist and execute tasks in seconds. How great would that really be, isn’t it?

Take Instructions
Wouldn’t it be spectacular if my smartphone would understand everything I said? Smartphones today are extremely good at voice recognition; be it carrying out simple instructions like “Call XYZ” to “Set alarm at 6.00 am” I’d love it when my smartphone took my dictation to draft emails, messages and even blog posts. So much can be done on the go without having to type it out and struggle with the tiny keypads; isn’t it? 

Click Pictures
Once the blog post is done, then very next step will be photography and a smartphone that offers the best experience in both front and rear cameras is my Man-Friday. Smartphones should take incredible care in offering great quality cameras to enhance the user experience, isn’t it?

Smartphones should make life easier not only in terms of simple to-do things but also more complex things like diary management, shopping and banking. Being user-friendly while maintaining privacy and security and increasing productivity without burning a hole in your pocket is the ideal smartphone to swear by, isn’t it?

Wow, that does look like a Super-Phone.

But where there is a wish there is a way, and the good folks at Motorola heard me and designed the brand new Moto E. They infused the smartphone with everything that I would need and pitched it to me at a price that is affordable. 

I've finally found my super-hero smartphone that has a four and a half inch display with is a great quality product. It suits my style as I can customize it with different coloured bands and backs for a new look every day. But the most important of all is the 4G LTE and Quad-core processor, that enable multi-tasking due to the fast output quality. Last but not the least is the fantastic front facing the camera on the phone that ensures quality photos. Now I’m all ready to be a Super Hero with my go-to gadget my super-phone smartphone Moto-E and I #ChooseToStart my new adventure to explore and save the world and myself. 

What about you?
~ Heena

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