The Lost Touch, #BringBackTheTouch

on November 19, 2014 / by

So close yet so far; in the same room,
Yet millions of miles apart; a life doom, 
How do I contain the river from flowing?
Hold me close before I drift away blowing. 

I grow strong with glimpses of the past,
Our story so timeless; happiness that vast. 
How do I reverse the hands of the clock?
Hold me close let build our relationship blocks. 

You were, have been, and are my only love,
The one that flustered me, my beloved!
How do I draw your attention to me again? 
Hold me close I feel my life slowly drain.

Let’s dance in the rain, run over the plain,
Let’s do it again, at least do it just to feign.
How do I make you feel the winds that blow?
Hold me close and let our love once again grow. 

Trying to find the right words that will never be,
Alphabets don’t say anything about you and me. 
How do I make you say something good or bad? 
Hold me close before we lose our voices, oh sad.  

Our hearts are entwined deeper than we think, 
Let's not give up on our unconscious in sync. 
How do I know what you feel in your heart? 
Hold me close else we shall fall apart. 

Why are we so busy without each other? 
Knowing nothing else matters nor another.
How do I make you steal a steady glance? 
Hold me close we may not have another chance.

I hate this vacuum that rests between us,
I reach out to you, my hand waiting, thus. 
How do I bridge this gap between us?
Hold me close our hands will connect us. 

The dark night is cold between us, 
Let our touch warm the insides of us. 
How do I feel the fire in coldness such?
Hold me close, lets #BringBackTheTouch.

A gentle ‘touch’ can go a long way in rekindling the lost spark and chemistry between couples. It was when we held hands at the theatre, accidentally brushed arms while taking a walk or even playfully rubbing our legs under the table.

That's the touch we carve for. Words can lie. Looks can deceive. But a touch... it reveals the truth. Let's #BringBackThaTouch with Parachute Advansed Body Lotion.
~ Heena

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