My Dream 24K Home With Porcelanosa

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Everyone lives in two worlds.... the outdoors and the indoors. 

Whatever lies outside the door, everything beyond the door should be a dream come true not just for one member of the family but for the entire family. Since we recently went through the whole process of moving into our own home after years of renting a house, I can confidently say that acquiring a home is easy but decorating one is the challenging part.

However, having so I must add that it is an incredible journey that everyone must experience. With everyone having an individualistic idea, their own preferred specifics and requirements the decorating must inculcate all these elements and more. It becomes a nightmare when one has to scout numerous shops, boutiques and malls to find the products that match our vision. 

But fear no more… 

Now for most of your requirements, all you need to do is visit Porcelanosa. A global leader in innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of Tile, Kitchen, Bath and Dressing room products, the company endeavours to be the industry leader by providing trendsetting cutting-edge designs of unparalleled beauty and refinement backed by technology and quality. Founded 40 years ago in Spain in a small village in Castellon, Porcelanosa is still managed by the founding family with the same values. 

Though my home has been renovated recently to the best of my interior knowledge and experience, there are a few things I always lusted for; namely an elaborate bath area and a walk-in-closet. Given the confines of a Mumbai home, these may remain a distant dream to achieve and incorporate. However since wishes need not be equated with reality, when I landed on the site, these were the two sections I first browsed. Every product image gave way to another superior product image and I was practically nodding at each of them. It was easy to imagine myself in those places, so gorgeous and so real. 

In Mumbai even a single square foot of space is accounted for, available space must be made optimum use of. Porcelanosa offers amazing designs in customised wardrobes and dressing rooms that are completely in sync with the needs of the user. 

Bathrooms are a place to reunite with oneself, without any interferences. Porcelanosa have some uniquely creative bathtub options that are not only a dream for design lovers but also are functional and user-friendly. The options are mind-boggling with fitted ones to free-standing ones, from acrylic to special materials that create delightful spaces to unwind. And what of those which are equipped with hydromassage and chromotherapy. Just dip in and relax. 

My thought, the company has no base in Asia forget about India; when Indiblogger summoned us. 
Porcelanosa the Spanish lifestyle giant ventures into Asia with Kotle-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury brand #24KLiving. 24K is a project that offers fine homes with an extraordinary mix of engineering, design, amenities and location. 

Amazing isn’t it? 
~ Heena

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